jeans and ceramics

i’m pretty sure i just thrifted some dungarees that could be the coolest pair of levis in the world.

these jeans scream “AMERICA” despite the souvenir patches from france and germany.

just a good ol’ pair of american levis that will NOT GIVE UP no matter how much wear and tear.

will ya look at that stitching?!?!

these are ART.

also found a couple arabia finland bowls that are a little different (to me.)

small dish with fish.

and another bowl with golden flowers.  apparently flowers called carolina jessamine.  or evening trumpet flower.

and that is your horticulture lesson for the day.

designed by hilkka liisa ahola.

also, a vintage franciscan earthenware serving bowl in a cool aztecky pattern.  hacienda gold.

and a cute little scandinavian-ish shaped vase.

and that’s the way i like to spend a holiday.


first came the DIY ombre hair.

now i DIY’ed an ombre shirt.  or dip-dye, if you will. 

the OCD in me sees ombre curtains, ombre pillows, dip-dyed tablecloths and napkins and paint dipped furniture legs in my future. 

and then i will be sick of everything, cuz that’s how it works.

(i kinda sorta followed these instructions here.  there are good tips to follow so you don’t ruin your shirt first go-around.)

what in tarnation…

is this?

toy?  joy? 

i used to work with a japanese woman.  that would’ve come in handy today for translation purposes.  ah well, woulda coulda shoulda don’t.    

i say it’s a japanese pedestal stoneware vase.

and i think vintage.

anyway, i bought it.

it’s beefy, 9″ tall, ’twas cheap(!), not cracked or chipped(!), and it’s some kinda pottery/ceramic dealio.  looks good on a shelf.

and then there’s this thing.

it’s a shawl/poncho/wrap/scarf that can serve double duty as a blanket or a rug in a pinch. 

made in portugal.

again, it has me walking that fine line between cool and homeless hobo.


i’m trying to channel clint.

i’ve got the scowl down pat.

i totally need a hat, a ciggie and some facial hair. 

here’s a couple thrifted items i can identify.

this is a belt.

and these are a couple small enamel dishes.

in organic wine news, i did not have a headache today and i may have had more than one glass of wine last night.  and on that note, it’s happy hour….


some recent acquisitions:

10″ x 24″ wooden horse silhouettes plaque.

the back is stamped but i can’t make anything out, save for the price, $65-

i paid 3/65th of that price. 

15″ square framed vintage needlepoint tapestry.

it plays tricks on my eyes.

kilim and leather boots.  they kick butt.

unfortunately i’ve got a chubby homeless hobo look working for me here.  but the boots still kick hobo butt.


i’ve got a case of the winter boreds.  or the winter lazies.  or the february ruts.  hitting the mid-winter wall.  something. 

i’m still thrifting, but i’m too lazy to take photos.  and nothing i’ve bought has been too earth-shatteringly awesome.

it’s fashion week in NYC this week.

so in honor of that, here’s me modeling a couple hippie earth-toned thrifted sweaters.

my ghetto version of fashion week.  

(i’m also wearing some $3 mia clogs i found in the summer right after i said i wanted some like julianne moore was wearing in crazy, stupid, love.  another case where you declare you want something and *poof* it magically appears.  in your size!!!  now these of course aren’t nearly as cool as julianne moore’s, but good enough for me, i say.) 

made in scotland.  c.n. macauslan and co.  100% wool.  it reminds me of my diamond flokati rug.  i’m diving into this 70s look headfirst, i tell ya.  70s clothing, 70s decor. 

here i’m pumping my jeep’s tires full of air for tomorrow’s pending snowstorm (it’s the only time i drive the ol’ jeep, when there’s snow.)  we’ve been SO LUCKY this winter.  temps have been so warm, i’ve barely worn a winter coat AT ALL.  just a good heavy sweater is all i’ve needed.  it’s been heavenly. 

but tomorrow’s another story and i’ll be needing my jeep’s 4WD and something heavier than a sweater.

action shot, although i wasn’t able to capture the foot pump in the photo.  it’s my secret to slim legs.  have a tire with a slow leak so you always have to pump her up.  a terrific leg workout. 

another hippie 70s sweater:

vintage clipper mist “knitwear of distinction” zipped cardigan.

also wearing last year’s thrifted michael kors wedge shoes.

and that concludes the ghetto fashion show.

more earthtone:

is this stoneware designs west? 

the pattern looks similar to some other vases i own, but this glaze is more shiny.

(like that one on the left)  

i prefer a matte finish but that pitcher and tumblers were all dirt cheap and had that 70s look i’m liking, so i grabbed them.

and that’s about all i’ve got.

damn, that was a boring post.  i’ve got to hire some new writers.

welsh tapestry

i found part of my “holiday outfit”  in my favorite old lady thrift store, where the old lady volunteers have been known to hurl snide comments and ask none-of-your-business questions with their sweet faces over many an item i’ve come to purchase.  this trip i went unscathed, but i’ve received the “you’re not really going to wear this, are you?”  to “who wears aprons anymore?” to “oh for gawd’s sake, i mean, how many times can you actually wear this thing?”  i find them most entertaining.  got a vintage welsh tapestry maxi skirt in gorgeous plums, violets, pinks, and greens. 

am i invited to holiday parties?  well, no.  (and it’s not because there may have been one holiday party where i was asked to step away from the shrimp bowl and allow other guests to enjoy some shrimp.  apparently it wasn’t my personal shrimp bowl.)  it’s because normally i worked the nights parties were thrown.  that does not apply this year as i am currently unemployed.  so invite away.  and make sure there’s PLENTY of shrimp.   if i am invited, this would be the skirt i’d wear.  of course, today i discovered a miniscule hole but i think i can repair that no problem.  and heck, if i don’t wear it, i can drape it across the bottom of my bed as a fake blanket. 

“kim, is that a skirt you’re disguising as a blanket at the foot of your bed?”

“no, it’s a very expensive welsh wool blanket, fool.”

“why does it have a slit up the side?”

“you ask too many questions.”  

it’s similar to another piece of welsh tapestry clothing i own, a vintage brown patterned coat, (seen here).   well, similar in that it’s welsh tapestry.  other than that, they’re nothing alike. 


mixed bag

so, i made some more o’brien potatoes.  they remind me of palm springs and i don’t want palm springs to fade from my memory quite yet.

this sweater is gorgeous.  recently thrifted for $6.  100% wool.

it’s hanging outside for a reason.  i’ve handwashed it, where i let it soak for a good 24 hours.  and it’s been airing outside for DAYS.  still has the “smell.”   might have to give it a vinegar bath.  i’m not sure if it’s better to smell like your grandmother’s closet or smell like you’ve been eating fish & chips. 

and i picked up a new coffee mug.  it’s my new favorite.

fun mod graphics, huh?

no layoffs


big shakeup in the department, however.  huge changes coming in the next couple weeks.  our spa is being taken over by another company and it promises to get real innerestin’ real soon. 

i should be in panic mode, but i’m just not.  i can’t be bothered worrying about the future of my job, my income, my security, my stability right this very second.  i’ve got a vacation to plan. 

found the above plastic mini license plate at a flea market sometime before christmas.  i will be happy to say goodbye to these frigid northeast temperatures for a little jaunt in the desert soon. 

have been keeping away from the thrift stores lately, due in part to weather, endless chores, and pretty much ’cause i have just about everything i need.  took a quick stroll through one last night and for 3 bucks total walked out w/a snazzy vintage palm springs-esque top:

a wooden dansk winter scene box:

and from 1972, a “love is…” night light.  i’ve never been much a fan of the “heart-shaped” anything, but i used to love this comic strip in my youth.  and heck, it IS nearing valentine’s day and it WAS only 49¢.  i splurged. 

love is…for sharing. 

david letterman and tiger woods must’ve been fans of this comic strip as well.

retro ski sweaters


i’ve had some pretty good luck recently finding a couple vintage ski sweaters.  it’s going to be my signature ‘keep-warm-in-the-freezing-cold-temps’ look this season.



some of you are probably thinking, “good luck?”

happy halloween


very cool blue retro beehive wig spotted in a window in a downtown storefront where a friend and i traveled the other night to take a hula hoop class.  these are times i wish i got excited over halloween again.  cuz i’d love to don a wig like this.  but halloween just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  so now i just take pictures of wigs.  good enough.