in the same vein that i’ve never been a cat gal, i have also never been one to down a smoothie for breakfast.  like, never.  never went to an orange julius, never went to a jamba juice.  ok, maybe once in the 80s i had an orange julius.  me, i like the act of chewing food and swallowing food too much.  why grind up chewable food in a blender?  i would hear about people going on liquid diets and could never imagine such torture.   i need the chomp, chomp, chomp satisfaction. 

so a coupla few weeks ago i went on a raw foods diet, just as a way to drop a couple pounds and purge the bod a little.  nothing dramatic, nothing drastic.  i ate a ton of food.  fruits, veggies, raw almond butter.  and drank a ton of tea.  ginger tea is my favorite and i don’t really like tea, but i do enjoy a ginger tea.  and this is when i decided to invite the smoothie into my life for a little variety.  not the “green drink” that i probably should be having every morning, with fresh veggies.  i went the fruit route.  bananas and blueberries and flax seed and some organic juice and ice cubes whipped up in my magic bullet

turns out i like them. 

i’d probably love them with rum or vodka, but so far haven’t experimented.  i told you, i’m trying to purge.  cleanse the highways and byways that run through the inner workings of this body of mine. 

i’m pretty sure the main reason i like these smoothies is cuz i get to use the bigger vintage glassware i’ve collected and never use cuz i don’t normally like to drink out of big glasses.  smoothies are MADE for vintage tumblers. 


so, what’s that green candleholder in the background, i hear you asking. 

when i picked it up to look at it in the thrift store i couldn’t believe when it said “denmark” on the bottom.  not to mention it was dirt cheap.  almus keramik.  i’ll take it. 

that’s it for me.  i’m drinkin’ smoothies.  earth shattering, i know.


am i the last person to know about these snacks?  we just got them in my ghetto grocery store and i am IN LOVE with them and i am IN LOVE with the inventor.  i thank the heavens above for folks who also avoid the corn, who want a healthy snack and then actually go about creating one.  i have the utmost respect for innovators.  what i wouldn’t give for that innovator gene. 



they’re the best snack ever invented. 

i tell you people, i have been off the chips since i declared myself off the chips.  don’t get me wrong, i’m still eating a tasty rice cracker every now and again.  (oxymoron?  tasty rice cracker?)  but these, these are more CHIP-like.  and i approve. 

now, the jury is still out on my latest box of wine experiment.  i was feeling rich and worthy of a box of organic wine after many many agonizing hours of work, and it was a new product in my neighborhood liquor store, so i splurged – our daily red.  besides, the name kills me. 

the problem is, i can’t decide if my body is just rejecting the notion of organic wine because it’s so darn used to cheap booze or WHAT.  but two days in a row of drinking ONLY ONE glass of this organic boxed wine, i’ve awoken with a headache.  i don’t get it.  is this wine mocking me?  is this wine saying, “who do you think you are drinking organic wine allasudden, you poser?!”  to be honest, i miss my little pour spout on the non-organic box.  but of course, i’ll suffer through this chicken stock box of upper crust vino.  headaches be damned! 

also – i’m still eating the cheese.  sometimes i just can’t resist the siren song of the honey goat cheese. so much for wearing my vegan badge proudly. 

today’s favorite snack – honey goat cheese with avocado on a beanito with some daily red.  life is grand.  a day off, some good snackin’, a little thrifting (more later) and some netflix boardwalk empire.  who has a better life than me?  no-one.  everyone.  whatever.  i love my mediocre life.