happy, happy

i get to bellyachin’ the thrift stores are dried up, there’s no good stuff anymore but truthfully,  i am thrilled to go thrifting and come home having spent 25¢.

to wit, one fork to add to my interpur set of flatware. 

seriously, that makes me happy.  

(to wit?  when have i ever used “to wit” in my life?  what am i, an attorney all of a sudden?)   

but christmas week was well, like christmas. 

i had seen this photo recently and immediately thought, now THAT is some STYLE.

via desire to inspire

that artwork!  that black wall lamp!  those chairs!

don’t get me wrong, i see TONS of great decor pics every day and think, ok, ok, stylish, and into my inspiration folder they go and thus begins the seeking of stylish stuff from thrift stores.  you guys know.   

like these, for example, all featuring more thonet chairs:

via apartment therapy


via remodelista

via design attractor

so yay for me when i found (2) thonet chairs at salvation army.  and i already own a couple thonets with arms.  i’m practically there with that first style-y look above.  ha.

my newly thrifted thonets

one of (2) thonet bentwood armchairs i already own

i just need some awesome artwork in size gigantic. 

speaking of artwork (in size medium), i bought this beat-up framed poster (?) by sonia delaunay cuz it looked modern. le cœur à gaz.  it’s 20″ x 20″ square.  i think i done good.  i don’t think this is available from anywhere anymore from what i can gather online.  i just need to replace the scratched-to-heck plexi. 

which brings me to another thing thrifting is good for.  it’s good for learnin’.  i learn so much about so many things and so many artists.  this is an inexpensive education i can get behind. 

me at a cocktail party:

“yes, i’m working on my doctorate in thrifting.”

“yes, it IS a real degree, asshole.”   

which is why i don’t get invited to many cocktail parties.

and then there were more little things, like a rosti plate (did you know rosti made plates?  i didn’t.)


good for a plate wall.  my decor tastes ebb and flow constantly but i still like a plate wall done well. 

 via canadian house and home

and this porzella plate too.  don’t think there’s much monetary value to it, but i like these plates.  cuz, you know, i like foreign words and stuff. 

also, a non-animal cactus planter from david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware.  

that’s how i knew it was a cactus planter.  someone wrote it.

kinda mod.  i’m in dire need of cacti now, what with that bullet planter i just found. 

a little candleholder from west germany/usa rauschert porcelain called bavarian village. 

and cute bell angel ornaments from japan.

and a vera xmas tablecloth that i don’t even really like, but it was HALF-OFF and pretty much free, so i bought it and layered it on top of my other vera tablecloth. 

yah, kinda ugly. 

oh, and this fine looking set of salad utensils.

it was just a darn bountiful week after many many many non-bountiful weeks.  combine that with the safari chair and it was almost too much for me to handle.  no it wasn’t. 

i was listening to NPR on the way to work and they were discussing hoarders.  i know i’m one.  but i’m one of the ones with awareness of my problem knack for collecting.  so i’m ahead of the game.  boy, they were talking about the emotional attachment to “things” and they were describing me to a T.  i also think my problem lies with organization, which was also discussed on NPR.  so that is my resolution for 2012.  get stuff organized.  i’m not one for resolutions, but organization seems like a logical thing to work on.

my job is slowing to a halt in january so organization is priority #1.  and i ain’t foolin’ around this time.  i mean business.

and on that note, happy new year, folks!

merry merry!


the santa stars were aligned.

yes they were.


a year ago i mentioned i’d been on the hunt for a safari chair.

and i know the chance of finding one in a thrift store is not good.

especially around here.

but i’ll be darned.

walked into a thrift store i rarely visit and there it was.

don’t get excited.

it’s not leather.

but dag, it’s safari-ish or campaign-ish or sling-ish or whatever it’s called.

it’s canvas and the canvas is pretty darn dirty.

i’ll have to get my scrubbing gloves on.

it has a scandinavian feel, wouldn’t ya say?

to find this chair in a thrift store is a xmas miracle to me.

i was out in the back parking lot putting this thing in my car when an older employee came out and said, “ya know, that’s a fine looking chair.  it’s been in our store for a couple of months.  they told me to throw it in the garbage.  i’m glad someone bought it.”

i’m not sure if that made me happy or sad.  i would’ve loved to find this in the garbage, but then again, i didn’t pay much, it doesn’t have garbage residue on it (i.e. squirrel pee), and i wasn’t reduced to dumpster diving.

this pre-christmas week was very, very kind to me.  found a few other things but haven’t taken any pics yet.

could it be i’ve finally found everything i’ve wanted to thrift in my life?

could be.  but i doubt it.


(wreath origami instructions from here)

ya know how those researchers and scientists and brain guys say to do stuff with your opposite hand to create new brain patterns to keep your brain firing on all cylinders?  or do crossword puzzles?  or take a new route to the thrift store?  so you can be sharp as a tack when you’re old? and still maintain interesting conversations with yourself ?  cuz that’s my worry (well, one of my worries.)  i want my brain.  i’m convinced origami fits into this category.   i think origami folders must be friggin’ geniuses til the day they die.

origami makes you THINK.  and concentrate.

all i know is i’m going into 2012 on top of the brain game.  i’ve been folding little square pieces of paper in my sleep for gawd’s sake.


i folded all those christmas origamis you can find online everywhere.  and i stuck with the simple ones cuz they didn’t hurt my mind as much cuz they’re more modern.

so for those of you who didn’t receive a real-live card from me, here’s a sample:

merry crease-mas.

fold lang syne.

i know.

accordion fold

i’ve been folding a lot of paper this holiday season.  more on that later.

as far as xmas decor goes, i’m kinda wimping out this year big time.

i wasn’t going to really even decorate at all, but decided i needed some twinkly lights somewhere and figured i’d throw a strand around one of my mini quilts.

found an unused box of white twinkly lights with white wire buried in the xmas junk at goodwill.  perfect.

tacked everything to the wall with some washi tape from lotta jansdotter (btw, made that accordion flower out of lotta’s pamphlet that came with my order.)  who is saving the earth by reducing, reusing, recycling?  i am.

and that’s about it from me on the ol’ holiday decor.


threw a couple dead sticks in a thrifted sake pourer for the kitchen table and added a couple ornaments, all swedish-style.  seems the scandinavians do christmas decor very basic, very simple and this year i like simple. (crochet heart from kolus79.)

but i dunno, me + lit candles + kindling = trouble.



growing up during the christmas season my dad would always remind us how good we had it and how his holidays as a kid were not what dreams are made of.  and the one story that remained a constant was the christmas when the only gift he received was an axe.

apparently there was another christmas of dad’s when he only got half a powdered donut, but that doesn’t relate to today’s post.

i couldn’t fathom his life as a kid.

here i was getting dolls and suzie homemaker ovens and lifesaver books and gold chocolate coins  and the big box of 64 crayola crayons with the sharpener in the back and he only got an axe???  one stinkin’ axe?  it was all very foreign and very sad to me.

so the other day i was trolling ebay.

and i saw the strangest thing.

and i had to bid on it.


another holline item.  made in denmark.

with an axe.

now, santa with an axe is all kinds of wrong to me.  what is santa doing with an axe?  it immediately conjures up evil in my head.  very “lizzie borden” of him.

who designed this thing?  of all the things in all the world to put in santa’s hand, like a puppy or a teddy bear or a candy cane or a cup of hot chocolate or ANYTHING not murder related, i wanna know what the thought process was of this designer who said, “hmmm, this santa is missing something, he needs something in his hands, hmmm, yes, i’ve got it!  santa needs an axe.”

now, if it’s for chopping wood and not for murder, it still doesn’t make sense.  santa doesn’t work on his 364 days off.  he eats.  put a turkey leg in his hand for gawd’s sake.

so i guess the point is, if a designer is making santas who gives axe gifts to children, dad must not have been the only kid to receive an axe.  it could have been the norm.   desirable even.  “santa brought me an axe, yo. high-five.”


i do try to avoid the “cute” xmas crud in thrift stores.

i could not, however, avoid this guy.

takahashi san francisco tree plate.

on top of a vintage bob van allen napkin.



an orange heart.

and an orange star.

and monkeys.

if orange and monkeys don’t scream december, i don’t know what does.

hello december.

more neon

while thanksgiving was a scheduled work day for me, turns out i didn’t have to go in.  so armed with my box of wine and craft paints i got down to business cranking out some christmas ornaments.

this is another example of how things you envision in your head don’t quite work out in the execution phase.

this was supposed to be round.  oops.

non-round heart ornament fail

this candle ornament is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.


no, wait, this is.

failed candy cane

what the?

these (2) stars are the only thing i salvaged from my thanksgiving day adventures in crafting.  neon ombre stars.  and that was after a nice long walk to clear my head and regroup.

oh, and i finished up another house ornament that got lost in the craft hell mix.

(managed to find (6) heller plates in PINK! on thanksgiving eve.  like i’ve mentioned, this whole area is dried up of good loot, but boom, there they were.)

anyway – some days crafting beats me down, chews me up and spits me out, man.