more roundness

given the choice between working and not working, work vs. unemployment, i fall on the side of preferring unemployment.  i just had more fun.

man, i’ve been busy at work. and not a fun busy.  a stressed out busy.   i’m tired, i’m sore, i’m cranky, i’m no fun. 

complain complain complain.  i work with a bunch of complainers.  complainers will suck you dry.  so i try my best not to complain while i’m at work.  i save my complaining for you lucky people.    

so enough of that. 

i managed to complete another round pillow on my day off.  i finished the pillowtop itself months ago, yet didn’t have the proper fabric to back it.   a quick trip to a thrift store a couple weeks ago netted me a vintage fabric remnant that would work so i had no excuses.  i had to finish it. 


i’m not even sure this is my style anymore.   good lord, i’m fickle. 

these colors are more springy and rumor has it spring is around the corner. 

not only are my style tastes fickle, the weather has been fickle.  when the weather folks call for a half foot of snow, we get ZERO.  when they call for a wintry mix with mostly rain, we get 5″ of snow.  the weather dudes are having an off season, i tell ya. 

and i guess if i’m talking round, i’ll throw in this 70s pop art takahashi tray thrifted a couple weeks ago. 

so, the academy awards are tomorrow night and i’ve seen a fair amount of the contenders and i’m just not excited.  all i know is bridesmaids better win for something.  it was seriously the most fun i had at the theater this year and there may have been one scene in particular i related to that had me spitting laughing.  and also because of jill clayburgh.  i was always a jill clayburgh fan and i think this was her last film role and when i went to see the movie i wasn’t aware she was cast in it.  it was a good surprise. 

i expect to be konked out solid by the time the oscars air.   too much massage too many days in a row is like a 1-2 body punch for me these days.  TKO.  i am down for the count.

the artist

this is a goodwill half-priced thrifted hobo international perfectly worn-in beat up boho leather bag.  it’s the perfect size say, to hold a box of crackers, a log of brie and a teeny bottle of wine to take to the movies, if you’re the sordid sort of person who does that sordid sort of thing.

me and my bag went to a matinee and saw the artist and i’m probably the only one who didn’t LOVE it.  i went in wanting to love it, expecting to love it, craving to love it, but i just didn’t.  i appreciate it – how’s that?  i appreciate its uniqueness.  and style quality.  and the lead actors are gorgeous and definitely deserve oscar nominations.  but the storyline was a bit old-fashioned for me.  and i GET that it was supposed to be an old-fashioned storyline.  but actually sitting through an old-fashioned storyline is a whole ‘nuther story.   i found myself just wanting it to hurry up and get on with itself.  but OH THE DOG.  what is it with these amazing, adorable dogs who steal the show?  this movie features another jack russell terrier, the same type of dog in the movie beginners, with that same on-screen lovable appeal.  who AM i, doling out all this canine love?  i must be softening up in my old age.  

so, what’s my final word on the movie?  i’d say see it to see it so you can have conversations about what ya liked and what ya didn’t like.      

also –

wouldn’tcha say my safari/sling chair kinda sorta resembles this chair i found while flipping through my urban eco-chic book

i want that apartment.

it’s the closest thing i could find to the style of mine.  the canvas on mine actually cleaned up amazingly well.  i surprised myself.  not only in getting it clean but in reassembly of the chair.  t’weren’t easy stretching that fabric back on, but i reigned supreme and conquered.   CHAIR VICTORY. 

thrifted another mug that doesn’t leak.

schramberg germany pottery.

and now i must stop again with the mugs.  no more!

this is a wood burned piece of art from poland that i happen to love, about the size of a sheet of paper.


not sure if it’s new or old, but i’m guessing old(ish).  it’s stamped on the back and i’m pretty sure the artist’s name is z. klosinski. 

could this be a relative of the famed polish cinematographer edward klosinski?  because i’m sure there are no other families in poland named klosinski.  who knows?  but that’s the fabricated story i’ll be telling people to impress ’em. 

january proved me completely wrong where work was concerned.  i assumed i’d have no work.  i think i worked more days this month than any other.  not a ton of hours but just enough to screw up my plans for organization.  so organization and tidy-time will have to wait for february.

between the folds

happened upon a short film on netflix (which i discovered also aired on PBS) – between the folds – a documentary on origami MASTERS.  you recall i dazzled you with my origami christmas cards.

you artsy folks might enjoy it.  i CANNA BULIEVE what people do with a single sheet of paper.  blows the mind. 

(i’ll just put this out there – i’m available for a segment if there’s a sequel to the movie.  have your people call my people.)

a couple things…

first off, thrifting.

there is a vegan casserole in my near future. 

goodwill had a non-chipped piece of excellent cookware at a reasonable price. 

figgjo flint covered casserole in the astrid pattern.  made in norway.

secondly, movies.

rentals (not theater.  i’ve hardly been to the theater at all these last 12 months.)

first:  beginners

nice quiet movie with great style and thonet chairs. 

christopher plummer and chairs via elle decor

funny how ya thrift a couple thonet chairs and* boom* the next movie you get from netflix has a ton of thonet chairs. 

so i googled “beginners movie thonet” and found 2 articles mentioning the thonet chairs.  here from elle decor and here from dwell. 

i re-fell in love with ewan mcgregor and i positively love the gal who played his girlfriend, mélanie laurent.  she has fantastic messy bohemian parisian style and i wish i was her. 

also – me, not being much of a pet lover, FELL IN LOVE with arthur the dog (above middle and below right, obviously)

now that’s a dog i could love. 

second:  forks over knives

i saw a PBS movie critic call this movie the worst movie of 2011.  i couldn’t disagree more.  i simply loved it.  i love the message, which is eat a plant-based diet vs. an animal-based diet.  no meat, no dairy.   i loved the people profiled for the movie.  regular folk.  people you wouldn’t imagine eating plant-based diets.  firemen.  professional athletes.  oh i wish everyone in the world would see this movie, but the facts are – urging people to give up foods they love is a tough sell.  anyway, i’m glad i FINALLY got to see this movie.  from the date it was released on DVD (back in august) it was #1 on my queue and i finally got it from netflix only 4+ months later.  good job, netflix.

smile and say…


vintage wheaton cheese shaker.

so, cheese.

let’s talk about cheese.

cheese, glorious cheese.

cheese = dairy and last you knew i didn’t eat dairy.

i had proclaimed myself a vegan.

but sometime this past spring i started to introduce some old foods i couldn’t eat back into my diet.

foods i haven’t eaten in 6+ years.

first i tried avocado.

and my throat didn’t close up.

and i was happy.

so i ate avocado all through the spring and the summer and the fall and all was good.

and then mid-summer i decided to give cheese a try.

i started with goat cheese.

and my throat didn’t close up.

and i consumed an entire log in one sitting.

maybe all of 10 mins.

i just ate and ate and ate it.

and then i tried the cow’s version of cheese.  some swiss cheese made in finland with cows who eat grass and who don’t get pumped full of antibiotics.

and dayum – that didn’t close my throat either, and dayum – it was delicious.

so i’ve been eating cheese intermittently for a few months.

you name it, i’ve eaten it.

goat cheese, goat cheese with cranberries, goat cheese with blueberries, herbed goat cheese, havarti, swiss, gouda, brie, fresh mozzarella.

all friggin’ delicious.

i’m torn though.  i don’t want to eat cheese.  i don’t want to eat any more animal products.

have you seen the movie forks over knives?

actually, i haven’t seen the movie.  stupid netflix.  it’s been at the top of my queue for 2 months stating “very long wait.”  that is a LONG time to be waiting.  and why must it be ME who has to wait this long?  who gets first dibs on the movie is what i wanna know.  rude.

i think the gist of the movie is don’t eat animal products for the love of gawd or you’ll die of cancer of the everything.

i hear the movie is controversial.

who knows anymore?

what i do know is sometimes cheese tastes so darn good.

but eating whole packages of cheese by yourself in one sitting can make you large.  large and not in charge.

perhaps this is an instance where eating in moderation is key.  isn’t that what everyone tells themselves as an excuse to eat the stuff that’s bad for you?  i don’t like excuses.

but i do likes me some blueberry goat cheese.

ironically, i have NOT eaten parmesan cheese despite now owning the quintessential mod parmesan cheese shaker.

but it’s a good-looking retro piece of glassware, right?


you guys know i don’t eat corn, right?  no corn, no corn products, nothing.  it’s only been about 6 or so years i’ve been corn-free (corn-free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows... – that is an old andy williams reference, btw) look at your packaged food, people.  corn is in everything.  it takes reading lots of labels on lots of packages to avoid the corn.

i just watched the movie king corn (you can watch it online) and it’s a cute documentary about how america grows a lot of crap corn, which in turn gets used in our processed foods and to feed most cattle americans eat (cattle should eat grass.)

which is making america a bunch of unhealthy fat-asses.

don’t eat corn if ya know what’s good for ya.

and that is my sermon for the day.

but what is yellow and good?



to catch up…

these are a few items i acquired in august.

this is a small souvenir plate from stavangerflint norway, approximately 7″.

that is one HUGER-than-huge teak tray with which i will serve HUGER-than-huge cocktails to my guests if i had ’em to myself.  stamped “NORDIKA” made in sweden on the back – i couldn’t find any info on it.  i’m pretty sure it’s old.  i’m pretty sure it’s cool.  i’m pretty sure i was luckier than lucky to find it in goodwill for $3 cuz there ain’t been sh*t in there of late.  i think the east coast is dried up of good loot.  pickins = slim.

what else?  a porsgrund (more norway) fish trivet, a small green heller plate (7-1/2″) to go with my bigger heller plates i use all over the place as trays and another set of danish salt and pepper shakers similar to ones i already own, only one is bigger than the other in this set.

and honestly, that is just about it.

i’ve mostly been getting good vintage clothing – sweaters and stuff for fall, only it’s been too warm (not complaining) to wear most of them.  if the mood hits me (doubtful,) i’ll try and photograph some of them.

speaking of clothing, didja see bill cunningham new york?  oh how i loved that movie, oh how i love that man.  they don’t make ’em like him anymore.  them’s good people.