decade 5

or as one friend suggested – “L.”

start using roman numerals to state my age.

yes, i will be saying goodbye to my 4th decade of life (or “XLIX” in roman numerals) and hello to “L” (aka the twilight years) right here in this hotel:

photos via: bungalow hotel

yah, that’s right.

i’m staying at the bungalow on the jersey shore.  designed, of course, by cortney and robert novogratz, as seen on the bravo series “9 by design.”

not bad, huh?

for someone without a job.

feel free to send a bottle of champagne to my room.

‘cuz after paying for the room, there won’t be much leftover for food or drink.


given the current oil leak disaster happening on the gulf coast, it seems rather unfortunate that the felt dahlias i’ve been making for awhile look remarkably similar to the bp logo. 

ah well.  what’s a gal to do? 

i donned an orange bp flower last night on my thrifted maxi dress, along with donning the false eyelashes that cost more than the dress, and went hobnobbing with a bunch of people i have no business hobnobbing with.  rich folk.   a charity event for the homeless. 

there’s probably a better-than-good chance my dress was donated by someone in this crowd, since it was thrifted in a store down the road from here.  thankfully no-one tapped me on the shoulder and told me they wore a dress just like this to their jr. prom in the 60s.   

the location was SPECTACULAR.  the event itself?  well, maybe rich folk just ain’t my crowd.  the fundraiser was housed in a recently revamped airplane hangar/vineyard.  truly gorgeous. without question.    

but i didn’t hob.  i didn’t nob.  our little party of 3 all agreed music would’ve made for a more lively occasion.  a band would’ve made it killer.  and now that i think of it, french fries would’ve made it killer, too.  you can’t get full on olives and finger food.  what i wouldn’t have GIVEN for one of the waitstaff to leave an entire plate of scallop hors d’oeuvres near me.  as it was, i ate about 3.  not enough.   

and so, what is an evening out without a basket or two of fries?   also unanimously agreed – the highlight was capping our evening off with a quick jaunt to a local restaurant where we dined in style on salad and fries and teeny bottles of prosecco.  the owner brought us even more complimentary fries to chomp on – piping hot fresh french fries.  who gets that kind of individualized service these days???  much better.  definitely more my crowd.