am i the last person to know about these snacks?  we just got them in my ghetto grocery store and i am IN LOVE with them and i am IN LOVE with the inventor.  i thank the heavens above for folks who also avoid the corn, who want a healthy snack and then actually go about creating one.  i have the utmost respect for innovators.  what i wouldn’t give for that innovator gene. 



they’re the best snack ever invented. 

i tell you people, i have been off the chips since i declared myself off the chips.  don’t get me wrong, i’m still eating a tasty rice cracker every now and again.  (oxymoron?  tasty rice cracker?)  but these, these are more CHIP-like.  and i approve. 

now, the jury is still out on my latest box of wine experiment.  i was feeling rich and worthy of a box of organic wine after many many agonizing hours of work, and it was a new product in my neighborhood liquor store, so i splurged – our daily red.  besides, the name kills me. 

the problem is, i can’t decide if my body is just rejecting the notion of organic wine because it’s so darn used to cheap booze or WHAT.  but two days in a row of drinking ONLY ONE glass of this organic boxed wine, i’ve awoken with a headache.  i don’t get it.  is this wine mocking me?  is this wine saying, “who do you think you are drinking organic wine allasudden, you poser?!”  to be honest, i miss my little pour spout on the non-organic box.  but of course, i’ll suffer through this chicken stock box of upper crust vino.  headaches be damned! 

also – i’m still eating the cheese.  sometimes i just can’t resist the siren song of the honey goat cheese. so much for wearing my vegan badge proudly. 

today’s favorite snack – honey goat cheese with avocado on a beanito with some daily red.  life is grand.  a day off, some good snackin’, a little thrifting (more later) and some netflix boardwalk empire.  who has a better life than me?  no-one.  everyone.  whatever.  i love my mediocre life. 

cardboard box

what is better than a box of the finest red, some half-price-cuz-the-expiration-date-is-tomorrow brie, some pecan rice crackers and a netflix dvd of californication season 4?



ain’t nothing better.


thank gawd it’s spring. 

dare i say we’re out of snowstorm danger for the long haul?  my shovel has been packed away. 

“snow showers” are in the forecast three times in the 10-day.  what?

all things bear-related are packed away.

and have been replaced with items of color and happiness and joy joy joy.


and with spring comes the sounds of spring. 

birds chirping.

and the neighbor putting on a new roof. 

bang. bang. bang.

all. day. long.

we wait and we wait and we wait for the warmer temperatures and somehow you never anticipate the ol’ roof replacement.  ahhhhh, what can you do?  applaud their home improvement efforts and then pour a drink. 

i thought i’d be refreshed and renewed and ready to blog again after a nice winter break, but that didn’t happen.  my well is dry.  bone dry.  i’m kinda bored with everything.  bored with crafts, bored with decor, bored with movies, bored with thrifting, bored.  everything is starting to look and sound the same to me everywhere i turn.  and yes, i’m familiar with the phrase when you’re bored, you’re boring.  i won’t deny this.  i’m kinda boring.  not as boring as some people i know, but not as riveting, either.

things i’ve changed over the past few months:

1.  i’m off shampoo and conditioner.  i use the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine every other day.  google it.  there’s tons of info on the web.  sure, i smell like a salad, but no-one gets close enough to me these days to notice.  one incident worth noting – a slightly embarrassing moment came when a waiter asked if i’d like some fresh ground pepper on my head. 

2.  speaking of hair – i have jumped on the ombre hair trend.  or bronde, if you will.  dark hair at the roots gradually fading into blonde ends.  there is a delicate balance from looking like this:

to looking like this:

after finding myself creeping into mug-shot chic territory, i plunged headfirst into a DIY version of ombre hair (with darn good results) following these instructions here, making me look less like the “glamour don’t” example directly above.

3.  i start the day with a cup of hot water, rather than coffee.  i saw it on dr. oz.  i still drink a couple cups of coffee after that, but i have cut back on my coffee consumption.  i almost like it better than the coffee.   i also enjoy a cup of hot water in the afternoon.  this certainly katapults me into old fartdom.

4.  i’ve gone vegan – no eggs, no fish (to go along with my no wheat, no dairy, no corn food allergies diet).  it’s just an accidental experiment – my grocery store was not stocking the local farmer’s eggs for a couple weeks and i gave up.  i can’t say i won’t return to these sources of protein in the future, but for now it’s rice, beans, veggies, fruits and nuts.  and tequila.  you’d drink too if you had to live on my diet.

pink grapefruit margarita

5.  i became obsessed with californication.  yes, i know i’m SO LATE, seasons late, years late to the party on this one, but it’s one of the only things that has grabbed my attention and held it for any length of time.  there is an eerie familiarity to the story line – i  feel like i’m watching a quasi-ish version of my past life.  quasi-ISH the charismatic boyfriend, the beautiful long-term girlfriend (that’s me, btw, natch), the cheating, the drugs, the booze, the break-ups, the get-back-togethers, the break-ups again….anyway, i’ve been in a californication coma trance fog watching seasons 1 – 3 in these last weeks of winter.  it’s been awesome.

david duchovny and natascha mcelhone from californication

and so with that, the blog goes on another hiatus ’til something earth-shattering happens.  this non-shampooing, hot water drinking, netflix addict vegan has nothing to write about.

oh, except for this pair of cool-as-hell wooden vintage swedish lamps i found via ebay.  they remind my sister of an egyptian wedding cake (?) and yes, they do have a wedding cake/christmas tree feel to them, but they also put off an amazing cozy glow and i ask you, who in the world doesn’t appreciate a good cozy swedish glow?

i haven’t found a permanent place in my apartment for them yet, one stays on the kitchen counter for now and the other i drag around with me from room to room to create ambiance.   sitting on my ass ambiance.

third of three

i decided to complete the cast of american pickers.


or as i like to say, essence of danielle.

danielle from american pickers

danielle and the boys:

mike, frank and danielle of american pickers

now i’m in the mood to go thrifting.


i still get a bad twinge in my gut when i think back to mondo not winning project runway this season.  that weren’t right.


in keeping with the “house in a house” themed ornaments, i made “mondo in a condo” (although it’s really just mondo in a house).  but “mondo in a condo” sounds better.

some vintage fabric for the back –


i’m thinking tv might influence my life too much.


who watches the show house

i’ll tell ya who.  my sister, that’s who.

(and me.  i watch it, too. every monday.  and i fall asleep other nights to reruns.)

but she positively loves house and hugh laurie in particular.  and can we blame her? 

(i’m in love with the furniture and lamps on that show.)

so i have made “house in a house” for her. 

an ornament. 

because i’m amazing like that. 

it is sorta kinda supposed to be her new house.  or, essence of her house, if you will.

a reminder, sister’s house:

the front door is purple, but you can’t tell from this photo cuz the door is open.

here’s a little purple:

and now – house in her house:

or as we say in the ‘hood,  hizzy in da hizzy. 

the back is vintage material.  it looks christmas-y, yes?


i kept the house ornament simple on purpose, but i think it could use more detail.  i’ve got some others i’m working on…we’ll see…i’ll make a few versions cuz my OCD has kicked in.   

and yah, i’ve made a few more goats.

albino bat

i don’t do halloween anymore.  i just don’t.

i sound like such a scrooge. 

but for adults, it’s just kinda dumb, isn’t it?  if you don’t have kids?  like, what’s the point of dressing up or buying candy you can’t eat?  and i certainly don’t answer my doors to nobody in the ghetto, halloween or not. 

several years ago i had a co-worker friend who loved bats.  and then we suddenly weren’t friends anymore (long, ugly story) and she was no longer a co-worker.  in the time we were friends, i started to make a bat pillow for her.  well, several prototypes of bat pillows.  this all occurred while i was in my log cabin pillow phase.  turns out our friendship ended and since i’m not enamored with bats like she was, i never finished any of the pillows. 

well heck, it’s october and october means halloween and bats are halloweeny, so i decided to finish one.

as far as timelines go, this fits perfectly into my procrastination schedule.  3 years to finish a pillow?  perfect. 

now, anyone can make a black bat pillow, right?  that’s so obvious.  i decided to represent the ignored-at-halloween albino bat. 

via condé nast traveler



oh brother.

good lord, this is just not my cup of tea (or chalice of potion).  i can’t do cute. 

do i sound like a halloween snob?

i can absolutely do cute and tacky and kitsch at christmas – i almost insist upon it.  good taste at christmas just ruins the holiday for me.  good taste, schmood taste.  takes the fun right out of it.  but for any other holiday, i just can’t handle it.   

but i’m keeping her around for another 2 weeks.  i’m de-scroogeing.  what’s the harm?  it’s not as if anyone’s gonna see it, ‘cept you guys. 

which reminds me.  my pregnant friend had her baby on 10-10-10.  have i finished the baby quilt i was making for her?  nope.  i expect it to be done somewhere around 2013.

mad men season finale tonight.  this season has been SO good.  they’re all good, but this season was especially dark and gritty.

  “where can i find a great bat pillow?”

(you know i’m gonna be on the mad lookout for those bookends.)

what the heck am i going to look forward to on sunday nights now?  finishing that baby quilt?  hardly.   


why why why why why why why does there have to be a nor’easter coming tonight?

my reason for waking up in the morning, very early in the morning, will be in my state tonight for a book-signing and were it not for the pending nor’eastah, i’d be there in a heartbeat.  well, an hour and a half heartbeat.  it’s a little bit of a drive.  willie geist, who hosts msnbc’s way too early and sits in on morning joe will only be an hour and a half away from me signing his first book, american freak show.  and i wanna be there.  cuz i could use an in-person giggle or two.  dude makes me laugh.


oh, to be younger and fearless like i used to be.  i would drive in snowstorms in a non-4WD vehicle back in the day.   but now i can’t see very well in the dark, never mind in the dark in a driving rainstorm.  and this week my personal driver is on vacation.  oh the timing.  crud. 

pretty much this is a non-post post.  a post of what i’m not doing.  lame.

i’m feeling a need to go into winter hibernation in blogland.


$2 sad little thrift store table

i dunno.

i saw this picture:

photography by trine thorsen via emma’s design blogg


and impulsively decided to paint my little $2 table top white. 

i know they’re not even close to being the same thing, but there are similarities.  c’mon.  you can see ’em, can’t you?  3 legs.  triangle.  brown on the bottom. 

so i made it white on the top. 

i own a pair of clogs.  i’ll just throw them under the table and it’s almost the same thing!! 

i just need to remember to paint a gigantic yellow cross/plus sign on the wall in my next house or apartment.  then it will take a trained eye for sure to distinguish the two tables apart.  

speaking of plus sign – didja see “project runway” thursday night?  i settled in on my couch with a little snack expecting to enjoy a nice evening of a couple favorite tv shows.  i did not expect to cry for an hour and a half watching “project runway.”  mondo.  oh mondo.  i love him.  he is so fun to watch.  mondo designed some “plus sign” fabric.  if you watch it, you’ll know what i’m talking about.  and if you don’t watch, well, this won’t make any sense.  but the show put me through the wringer, boy.  probably one of the most lump-in-your-throat, heart-wrenching reality shows i’ve ever watched.  ever.  my eyes were swollen friday morning.  thank goodness i didn’t have a date friday night.

more tea

yup, more frickin’ tea that i don’t even like.

i woke up with some kinda something this morning.  i thought i didn’t get sick, but apparently i do.  now i’ve become one of those people who say, “i don’t get sick,” and then gets sick and then says, “i thought i didn’t get sick.”  i’ve got the worst headache and an all over bad feeling and am just downright exhausted.  and no – no booze was involved for those of you thinking booze was involved.  how do i get a bug when i rarely have human contact? 

so i’m drinking peppermint tea.  and lying on the couch.  i’ve been trying to watch the 4th season of dexter, but it has been impossible to get disc 2 from netflix for over a month now.  so frustrating.  in that time i have been occupying myself with flight of the conchords (hilarious), ira and abby (good relationship-in-NY movie), temple grandin (amazing story), date night (didn’t do it for me), and séraphine (good, sad, tragic, not a movie for everyone).  i recommend them all except for date night.  again, sorry, tina fey.  i still love you and i loved 30 rock this past week.    

i’m looking into becoming a court reporter/broadcast captioner.  does anyone know anything about it?  from what i understand you don’t have to be a “people-person.”  sounds kinda perfect for me.  i’m a speedy typist and a pretty good speller (i won a spelling bee in 3rd grade.  i won on the word lily.  i know.  doesn’t sound too impressive, but i was thrilled.  ralph, my opponent, spelled it  l – i – l – i.  what an idiot.)  i lost a spelling bee in 4th grade on the word adobe.  i’d never even heard of the word adobe.  i was in 4th grade and lived in new england for cryin’ out loud.  i knew ranch.  raised ranch.  cape.  just like the lili dude the year before, i ended adobe with an “i”.  no, wait a minute, i think i ended it with a “y”.  whatever.  i didn’t end it in an “e” and was eliminated.  rest assured, i’ve never misspelled adobe since that awful day in 4th grade.  adobe haunts me. 

ok, where was i?  i can spell well.  i’d like to think i have pretty good grammar skills.  but i’d need a refresher as far as all the rules go.  lord knows, i’ve just discovered you’re not supposed to put 2 spaces at the end of a sentence anymore and i’m mortified (i still do it.)  all i know is i’ve worked out in a gym watching a closed-captioning program on the tellie while riding my recumbent bicycle thinking, “who the heck is typing this stuff?   they STINK.”  well, i wanna be that gal (or guy).  i wanna be that gal people working out in gyms watching TV curse at and judge and mock from their ellipticals and treadmills and stairclimbers.   that, or working in a court room where a non-assh*le attorney with a personality and no baggage admires my amazing style as i’m keeping to myself with my fancy steno machine being all professional and accurate and amazingly stylish and we fall madly in love and i succeed in having a mature, successful, later-in-life relationship all the while living in a non-pretentious, cozy lakeside bungalow with a fireplace and 2 bathrooms and a garage. 

does peppermint tea have hallucinogenic properties?