i caved.

i succumbed to the kilim pillow.

for the LIFE of me, i do not understand the appeal of a kilim pillow.

when i think pillow, i think comfy.  non-itchy.

kilim does not equate comfy in my mind.

and yet there it was at the thrift store, looking all vintage-y and all broken-in boho and all of $3 so i bought it.


yup, the internet pressures of must-have decor grabbed me, gripped me and now i’ve jumped on the kilim pillow train of discomfort. 

kilim pillow softness quotient:


itchiest, roughest thing i’ve ever felt in my life.

that said, if you wear several layers of clothing (and a parka) and lean against it, you don’t notice. 

just prior to finding this i spotted a half-price kilim vest in goodwill and bought it figuring i’d cut her up and sew ‘er into said pillow.  i was riding the planetary aligned kilim wave that week.  (rug and god’s eye were ebay purchases.  i’ve been cheating on my thrift stores with ebay.)

no need now.  i only need one itchy pillow in my pillow repertoire.


via 2modern

it was 7:30 AM.  i went outdoors to access the basement where the washer and dryer for my apartment house are kept.

just another typical quiet sunday morning in the ‘hood.

and then i went outdoors again at 8:00 to throw the clothes in the dryer.

and then i went outdoors again at 9:00 to retrieve my clean, dry clothes.

but this time, this time something was different.

hey now.

what’s that?

what the what?!?!?!

what’s that there on the sidewalk outta nowhere allasudden?

that shape. 

those shapes.

it doesn’t make sense.

is that three knoll/saarinen executive armchair bodies just sitting there curbside for the trash dudes to pick up? 

in this ‘hood???

i had to have a closer look. 

yup.  sho’ nuff. 

no legs though.  no stinkin’ legs. 

so i rushed back into the house and hopped online to see if replacement legs were easily available.  i couldn’t find anything. 

i kept checking out my window to see if they were still there. 

they were.

after much internet searching, i came to the conclusion i didn’t need chair bodies with no legs, didn’t need to wash some more cushions, didn’t need another project, and besides, i already own one and how many knoll/saarinen executive office chairs does one gal need?



and so i made peace with myself and drove off to work leaving the saarinens behind.  i was so proud of myself.  i was FIGHTING THE HOARDER and i was winning!!!

it’s what you guys would’ve done, right?


so, i get home from a grueling day of hard labor, drive ’round the corner and peek to see if the chair bodies were still there.  they were. 

but this time, this time something was different.

what’s that next to the chairs???


ohhhhhhhh, MAN.

i had to take them.  i had to.  also, there was yet another chair body to join them.  one is missing the seat cushion.  i took ’em all. 

i knocked on the owner’s house first to see if animals had peed on them or if perchance they were loaded with bugs.  there was no answer.  i smelled them.  no distinguishing bad odors. 

i spent the rest of the evening vacuuming the chair bodies and cushions.  they’re not in bad shape, really.  i have a friend who owns a handheld portable steamer/cleaner.  should be fresh as daisies when i’m through with them. 

in conclusion, i’m pretty sure i’m a hoarder. 

(but i can see me craigslisting them.)


(but i probably will cuz truth be told, these don’t happen to be my favorite mid-century chair design.  i like ’em, but i don’t love ’em.  it’s just so hard for me to let something like that get chucked in a dump.)


some recent acquisitions:

10″ x 24″ wooden horse silhouettes plaque.

the back is stamped but i can’t make anything out, save for the price, $65-

i paid 3/65th of that price. 

15″ square framed vintage needlepoint tapestry.

it plays tricks on my eyes.

kilim and leather boots.  they kick butt.

unfortunately i’ve got a chubby homeless hobo look working for me here.  but the boots still kick hobo butt.

happy, happy

i get to bellyachin’ the thrift stores are dried up, there’s no good stuff anymore but truthfully,  i am thrilled to go thrifting and come home having spent 25¢.

to wit, one fork to add to my interpur set of flatware. 

seriously, that makes me happy.  

(to wit?  when have i ever used “to wit” in my life?  what am i, an attorney all of a sudden?)   

but christmas week was well, like christmas. 

i had seen this photo recently and immediately thought, now THAT is some STYLE.

via desire to inspire

that artwork!  that black wall lamp!  those chairs!

don’t get me wrong, i see TONS of great decor pics every day and think, ok, ok, stylish, and into my inspiration folder they go and thus begins the seeking of stylish stuff from thrift stores.  you guys know.   

like these, for example, all featuring more thonet chairs:

via apartment therapy


via remodelista

via design attractor

so yay for me when i found (2) thonet chairs at salvation army.  and i already own a couple thonets with arms.  i’m practically there with that first style-y look above.  ha.

my newly thrifted thonets

one of (2) thonet bentwood armchairs i already own

i just need some awesome artwork in size gigantic. 

speaking of artwork (in size medium), i bought this beat-up framed poster (?) by sonia delaunay cuz it looked modern. le cœur à gaz.  it’s 20″ x 20″ square.  i think i done good.  i don’t think this is available from anywhere anymore from what i can gather online.  i just need to replace the scratched-to-heck plexi. 

which brings me to another thing thrifting is good for.  it’s good for learnin’.  i learn so much about so many things and so many artists.  this is an inexpensive education i can get behind. 

me at a cocktail party:

“yes, i’m working on my doctorate in thrifting.”

“yes, it IS a real degree, asshole.”   

which is why i don’t get invited to many cocktail parties.

and then there were more little things, like a rosti plate (did you know rosti made plates?  i didn’t.)


good for a plate wall.  my decor tastes ebb and flow constantly but i still like a plate wall done well. 

 via canadian house and home

and this porzella plate too.  don’t think there’s much monetary value to it, but i like these plates.  cuz, you know, i like foreign words and stuff. 

also, a non-animal cactus planter from david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware.  

that’s how i knew it was a cactus planter.  someone wrote it.

kinda mod.  i’m in dire need of cacti now, what with that bullet planter i just found. 

a little candleholder from west germany/usa rauschert porcelain called bavarian village. 

and cute bell angel ornaments from japan.

and a vera xmas tablecloth that i don’t even really like, but it was HALF-OFF and pretty much free, so i bought it and layered it on top of my other vera tablecloth. 

yah, kinda ugly. 

oh, and this fine looking set of salad utensils.

it was just a darn bountiful week after many many many non-bountiful weeks.  combine that with the safari chair and it was almost too much for me to handle.  no it wasn’t. 

i was listening to NPR on the way to work and they were discussing hoarders.  i know i’m one.  but i’m one of the ones with awareness of my problem knack for collecting.  so i’m ahead of the game.  boy, they were talking about the emotional attachment to “things” and they were describing me to a T.  i also think my problem lies with organization, which was also discussed on NPR.  so that is my resolution for 2012.  get stuff organized.  i’m not one for resolutions, but organization seems like a logical thing to work on.

my job is slowing to a halt in january so organization is priority #1.  and i ain’t foolin’ around this time.  i mean business.

and on that note, happy new year, folks!



brown’s kinda dull in the summertime.

but brown is my theme for today, and so brown it is.

summahtime brown!!!

my floor pillows were looking a little ratty so i decided to de-ratty them.

have been holding onto this vintage hagapy screenprint fabric for, oh i dunno, 6 years???  the plan in my head was to use the fabric to cover a chair seat cushion.  i decided to buck up and and actually use the fabric before it went out of style again.

so, first up in the brown category – my incredible talent for sewing 2 square pieces of material together to form a floor pillow:

that's me

one very fresh, de-rattatized retro mod floor pillow.  (i’ve still got one more to cover.)

#2 brown thing.

while i was digging through said vintage fabric stash, i came upon a log cabin pillow top i made probably 6 years ago as well and decided to finish it.

the back:

next up – ok david stewart know-it-alls – please tell me this is a david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware piece.

or did i just buy a random brown rooster planter?

it’s GOT to be a david stewart, right?  after all, i took a $3 chance on this cock-a-doodle-dude.  i could find no photos of a rooster in my research, so my new take on this is it is an extremely rare, highly valuable, probably one-of-a-kind david stewart rooster.  the only one in all the world.  take that.

“kim, what up girl, you buyin’ chicken planters now?” 

and then i bought a 59¢ plant on clearance to chuck in it for my ghetto porch.  i think they’re marigolds.  i hope something blooms.  if not, maybe i’ll eat my soup outta this critter.

rooster theme alert.

the jaunty capped rooster tapestry with the rooster planter.

at that same thrift store, i also bought this big ol’ beach bag with a retro feel.  brown corduroy with some snazzy rick-rack trim.  you can never have enough big ol’ bags, especially with rick-rack.  am i walking that fine line of looking like an aging hippie fool or am i the coolest old lady on the block?  the answer is cool.

last in the brown theme is what i consider a score of all scores.  some will think it’s ugly as sin.  probably most will.  me?  i think it’s ultra cool and is the PERFECT fall/winter rug.  very 70s.  a brown graphic diamond flokati rug.

i was in the linens section of goodwill looking the other way when my bare arm brushed up against this and scared the crap outta me.  but then i was all, “whoa, what have we here?”  it’s in EXCELLENT condition and has a beni ouarain vibe(ish) to it.  and who on earth doesn’t want to own a beni ouarain, i ask you????  the back is beautiful.  and it’s a decent size!!!  like, 4-1/2′ x 6′.  these magical things just don’t happen to me anymore.  but apparently, they do.

magical carpet!!!

back of rug

i’ve got the floor pillows, i’ve got the rug – all i need now is the little cabin on the lake with the roaring fire, the bottle of wine, the imaginary boyfriend with the hairy chest, gold chain, moustache…

more tea

yup, more frickin’ tea that i don’t even like.

i woke up with some kinda something this morning.  i thought i didn’t get sick, but apparently i do.  now i’ve become one of those people who say, “i don’t get sick,” and then gets sick and then says, “i thought i didn’t get sick.”  i’ve got the worst headache and an all over bad feeling and am just downright exhausted.  and no – no booze was involved for those of you thinking booze was involved.  how do i get a bug when i rarely have human contact? 

so i’m drinking peppermint tea.  and lying on the couch.  i’ve been trying to watch the 4th season of dexter, but it has been impossible to get disc 2 from netflix for over a month now.  so frustrating.  in that time i have been occupying myself with flight of the conchords (hilarious), ira and abby (good relationship-in-NY movie), temple grandin (amazing story), date night (didn’t do it for me), and séraphine (good, sad, tragic, not a movie for everyone).  i recommend them all except for date night.  again, sorry, tina fey.  i still love you and i loved 30 rock this past week.    

i’m looking into becoming a court reporter/broadcast captioner.  does anyone know anything about it?  from what i understand you don’t have to be a “people-person.”  sounds kinda perfect for me.  i’m a speedy typist and a pretty good speller (i won a spelling bee in 3rd grade.  i won on the word lily.  i know.  doesn’t sound too impressive, but i was thrilled.  ralph, my opponent, spelled it  l – i – l – i.  what an idiot.)  i lost a spelling bee in 4th grade on the word adobe.  i’d never even heard of the word adobe.  i was in 4th grade and lived in new england for cryin’ out loud.  i knew ranch.  raised ranch.  cape.  just like the lili dude the year before, i ended adobe with an “i”.  no, wait a minute, i think i ended it with a “y”.  whatever.  i didn’t end it in an “e” and was eliminated.  rest assured, i’ve never misspelled adobe since that awful day in 4th grade.  adobe haunts me. 

ok, where was i?  i can spell well.  i’d like to think i have pretty good grammar skills.  but i’d need a refresher as far as all the rules go.  lord knows, i’ve just discovered you’re not supposed to put 2 spaces at the end of a sentence anymore and i’m mortified (i still do it.)  all i know is i’ve worked out in a gym watching a closed-captioning program on the tellie while riding my recumbent bicycle thinking, “who the heck is typing this stuff?   they STINK.”  well, i wanna be that gal (or guy).  i wanna be that gal people working out in gyms watching TV curse at and judge and mock from their ellipticals and treadmills and stairclimbers.   that, or working in a court room where a non-assh*le attorney with a personality and no baggage admires my amazing style as i’m keeping to myself with my fancy steno machine being all professional and accurate and amazingly stylish and we fall madly in love and i succeed in having a mature, successful, later-in-life relationship all the while living in a non-pretentious, cozy lakeside bungalow with a fireplace and 2 bathrooms and a garage. 

does peppermint tea have hallucinogenic properties?

really REALLY hot

another heat wave.

we’re in for more 90°+ weather today.  i want to stay home and sew, but it’s just too hot.  the beach is calling my name.

quilted and washed my latest pillow top:

yes, i continued to use the neon fluoro pink thread.  and yes, i tore off that gigantic rick-rack.

 got another pillow top done.  no laughing out there.  i happen to love it.

made with vintage deer fabric, blue retro terrycloth flower power fabric and a yellow retro pillowcase.

i’m IN LOVE with this extraordinary summer weather, but it really makes getting anything accomplished impossible.

quoi de neuf?

more mysterious foreign language messages.

i believe this means “what’s new?” in french. 

that, or “what’s nine?”

i can’t be sure.

either way, it’s made it to my latest patchwork pillow top.


i’m showing you this unfinished pillow to leave you with something because i’m off for awhile to help paint walls and trim and offer unsolicited decorating advice in parts unknown. 

the boonies. 

you can’t get there from here. 

i’ll be away from my computer, away from my thrift stores, away from my sewing machine for who knows how long.  in who knows where.  it’s like i’m quitting everything i love cold turkey (except for maybe that sewing machine thing – i can’t quite say i love that.)  i hope i don’t have withdrawal symptoms.  i hope i don’t throw up. 

the thrift store employees might put out an all points bulletin for me.  you think i kid. 

speaking of thrifting…

sabra and vera.  2 lady artists whose first names end in “a.”  how’s that for a theme?

first up – sabra. 

a thrifted piece of GREAT art, a cobalt blue woodblock print, frame dimensions are 11-1/2″ x 12-1/2″.  i think this one must be pretty old.  found sabra’s website (it’s under her married name of sabra field, this piece is signed “sabra johnson,” which is why i’m assuming it’s old.)  but very modern looking, no?  and sort of scandinavian.  anyway, i love it.  it’s entitled “aspiration” and might resemble a corn stalk or a rooster tail and i’m deathly allergic to corn and does aspiration have something to do with breathing?  because i can’t breathe when i eat corn and therefore i was meant to have this print.  how’s that for a story?

next up – vera.  

vera neumann.  more vintage vera napkins.

i didn’t even realize they were vera when i bought them.  i  just liked the print when i saw them, and then saw the tag when i brought them in the house.  bonus surprise.

hopefully i’ll have some good house painting photos to share upon my return.  there is rain in the forecast for several days in my painting destination locale, so who knows if any photos will come out?  what can ya do?   

til then, mes amis… 

à bientôt.


following are a couple interesting brass items found thrifting.

brass apple. 


it’s actually a clip.

a brapplip.

brass clapple?

next up:

brass squirrel bell.



rhymes with gerbil.



clearly i’ve been into the tequila at this point.

she’s so plastic.

it’s 1000 degrees and the dew point is off the charts and i’m buying xmas stuff.

well, not stuff.  one item. 

1954 hard plastic christmas tray.

ruth reeves design.

older than me.

and yet probably in better condition.