wedding card

ok, so who’s with me? 

who else doesn’t like the traditional store-bought wedding card?

i’ve got a wedding to attend and the couple is COOL.  with cool friends.  they’re new yorkers, for cryin’ out loud.  ya can’t just show up with the CVS “good luck on your journey” card now, can you?

no, you can’t.

i saw this clothespin

very very very very very very very cute.

and simple.

i like simple.

so i painted one.

and attached it to some neon card stock.

along with my sincere wishes for a long, happy marriage inside. 


hung and fresh. 

how i like my grooms laundry.

clothespin humor. 

life’s a bleach and then you dry.

hallmark….call me….



thank GOODNESS i found a chipped veneer vintage molded wood chair missing two of its chair foot gliders because i’m not sure i own enough places to sit my ass. 

mini skirt pantyhose wearing broads BEWARE!  SIT AT YOUR OWN RISK!  same with you long sweater wearers!  this be SNAG CENTRAL.

was it the super-sized lunchtime margarita at the local mexican restaurant that compromised my superhero non-hoarder willpower and allowed me to fork over six clams for this unmarked vintage less-than-perfect chair thing?  i think yes. 


i need to look at the glass half-full.  it actually HAS two chair foot gliders, rather than it’s missing two gliders.

yes indeed, another chair that i will never sit and watch an entire movie on.


one buck for less than a buck.

not any old ordinary buck.

a 3D buck.

a 3D buck postcard mounted on fake wood paneling.

keepin’ it classy and keepin’ it highbrow around here, always.


first came the DIY ombre hair.

now i DIY’ed an ombre shirt.  or dip-dye, if you will. 

the OCD in me sees ombre curtains, ombre pillows, dip-dyed tablecloths and napkins and paint dipped furniture legs in my future. 

and then i will be sick of everything, cuz that’s how it works.

(i kinda sorta followed these instructions here.  there are good tips to follow so you don’t ruin your shirt first go-around.)


honestly, i will find any distraction not to pack.

i was flipping through an 80s decorating book and it fascinates me how decor trends ebb and flow and re-become popular. 

there are so many photos where most decor choices are spot on for today.

from the 1981 better homes and gardens new decorating book:

i’d take everything in the photo below.  the painted brick wall, the fireplace, the hans wegner peacock windsor chairs, the coffee table.

the michelob.

the sofa.  the pillows.  heck, i’d take a red duck.

kilim pillows, the rug, the cacti, that groovy red reading lamp.

blue safari chair.

blue eating area.

ok, that’s a whole lotta blue but i still kinda love it.

another crazy dining area i could live with today.

big artwork and some macrame plant holders and some crazy pillow action.

more macrame.  this time on a window. 

i could crank one of these babies out in a weekend with my mad macrame skills.

wood walls, danish rya rug and canvas sling chair.

danish kitchen with hans agne jakobsson lamp similar to mine (ish).

an over-the-top too theme-y southwestern room, but i like some of the elements, like the bookshelves and chairs and rustic box coffee table.

oh and hey now, ben shahn poster.

the poster is the ONLY thing i like in this room.  i hope the “stuffed red chair plushie hanging from the ceiling” look never makes a comeback.

ok, back to packing.

p.s. the sound of packing tape coming off the roll is annoying.

mondo grande coffee

found another mason storage jar.

this time i got “coffee.”

and it’s huge. 

yes, i realize it’s yet another thing to pack. 

stop with your judgement.



ain’t no easy way to repot a cactus.