this week’s cocktail is a version of last week’s blueberry french 75, only it’s made with fresh raspberries and lime juice (instead of blueberries and lemon juice.)

1/2 fresh squeezed lime

1 oz gin

6 raspberries

a little sugar

prosecco or cava or champagne

muddle the raspberries and sugar in a shaker.  add the gin and lime juice.  throw a few ice cubes in to chill and shake gently.  strain into a cocktail glass and top with your choice of bubbly (i used prosecco.)  makes 1.  and i’m tellin’ ya, one knocks me for a loop.

i went to the sundays only flea market this past weekend for inspiration purposes, as i have been uninspired as of late.  i haven’t crafted anything in what seems like forEVER.  unfortunately, i didn’t get much inspiration.  i did, however, find a set of two handmade vintage curtain panels with one valance in a great black and white and gray triangles fabric for $3. 

i bought them for the fabric only, but i’ll be darned, one panel happens to fit my back door, so i hung it.

why are you hanging curtains when you’re supposed to be packing up and moving, you ask?  cuz i’m an idiot.

i also bought these:

they’re a tad danish-y and a tad teak-y, but then again, somethin’ ain’t quite right about them, either.



the price was right.

the sun has finally come out after a week of blech.  i’ll be fighting the paparazzi glare with my flea market 70s foster grants.  they’re GIGANTIC. and PERFECT. 


memorial day weekend = half-price sales at thrift stores. 

so i went back and got the threadbare, worn kilim pillow i had left behind when i bought my first one.  i soaked it overnight but it still looks dirty.  i’m nuthin’ but a dirty hippie now. 

speaking of hippie, shoot me now cuz i also got a small kilim bird purse.  i must’ve bought 100 pocketbooks in the past month or so. 

ok, well, 4. 

but i could’ve bought 100.  i’m the lady in the thrift store talking to herself saying, “no no no no no you don’t need this.”

sometimes i listen to the voices, sometimes i don’t. 

these are instances when i didn’t listen. 

at first i thought that “H” one could’ve been a vintage hermes bag from the 70s.  it isn’t. 

but if people ask, i will say, “yes, yes, as a matter of fact it IS an hermes.”

cuz a status bag is IMPORTANT. 

no it’s not. 

also – posters.

more effin’ posters

the one i like best cuz it’s a lion and i’m a leo is ripped and has mold on it.  yup, breathing hazards and less than perfect condition will not stop me from buying 70s polish art posters.  mold schmold. 

in better condition is the all-too-familiar “why do i buy cat stuff when i can’t stand cats” poster. 

say it with me. 


which in my world translates to practically free.

and also it’s just kinda awesome.   

and yet a little scary.  perhaps the stuff of nightmares. 

these are cyrk posters by hubert hilscher.  cyrk mean circus.  i’m brilliant like that. 

and let me also admit this.  who do i think i am calling myself a pro at thrifting?  i thought i would brave the crowds at goodwill this morning before work cuz it was half-price off everything in the store and i had my eyes on a pair of jeans i wanted to distress and a couple tee shirts and an 18″ x 24″ empty frame that would be perfect for my newly matted screenprint thrifted last year.  so i was right there at 9 AM.  trouble is, they opened at 8 AM.  the place was a mob scene.  i felt like such a rookie.  ashamed, i am.  the frame was gone, darn it, but everything else was there, along with this enamel ladle in size huge that i didn’t own yet and am not sure how i’ve lived life this long without. 

for size comparison:

also –

since it’s the kickoff to summer unofficially, i officially looked for a new (to me) summer cocktail to try and i found this one.  a blueberry french 75. 

fresh blueberries, fresh squeezed lemon juice, gin and champagne. 

lemme say for the record – it might look girlie, but it packs a WALLOP.  not for the faint of heart.  i think i was buzzed on one sip. but i have to say, i’m pretty sure this is going in the ol’ cocktail rotation, with or without blueberries.  plus i feel pretty sophisticated saying i’m drinking a french 75 and as we all know, the meaning of life is all about fake sophistication.

click here for recipe.

mondo grande coffee

found another mason storage jar.

this time i got “coffee.”

and it’s huge. 

yes, i realize it’s yet another thing to pack. 

stop with your judgement.


i’ve got a case of the winter boreds.  or the winter lazies.  or the february ruts.  hitting the mid-winter wall.  something. 

i’m still thrifting, but i’m too lazy to take photos.  and nothing i’ve bought has been too earth-shatteringly awesome.

it’s fashion week in NYC this week.

so in honor of that, here’s me modeling a couple hippie earth-toned thrifted sweaters.

my ghetto version of fashion week.  

(i’m also wearing some $3 mia clogs i found in the summer right after i said i wanted some like julianne moore was wearing in crazy, stupid, love.  another case where you declare you want something and *poof* it magically appears.  in your size!!!  now these of course aren’t nearly as cool as julianne moore’s, but good enough for me, i say.) 

made in scotland.  c.n. macauslan and co.  100% wool.  it reminds me of my diamond flokati rug.  i’m diving into this 70s look headfirst, i tell ya.  70s clothing, 70s decor. 

here i’m pumping my jeep’s tires full of air for tomorrow’s pending snowstorm (it’s the only time i drive the ol’ jeep, when there’s snow.)  we’ve been SO LUCKY this winter.  temps have been so warm, i’ve barely worn a winter coat AT ALL.  just a good heavy sweater is all i’ve needed.  it’s been heavenly. 

but tomorrow’s another story and i’ll be needing my jeep’s 4WD and something heavier than a sweater.

action shot, although i wasn’t able to capture the foot pump in the photo.  it’s my secret to slim legs.  have a tire with a slow leak so you always have to pump her up.  a terrific leg workout. 

another hippie 70s sweater:

vintage clipper mist “knitwear of distinction” zipped cardigan.

also wearing last year’s thrifted michael kors wedge shoes.

and that concludes the ghetto fashion show.

more earthtone:

is this stoneware designs west? 

the pattern looks similar to some other vases i own, but this glaze is more shiny.

(like that one on the left)  

i prefer a matte finish but that pitcher and tumblers were all dirt cheap and had that 70s look i’m liking, so i grabbed them.

and that’s about all i’ve got.

damn, that was a boring post.  i’ve got to hire some new writers.



brown’s kinda dull in the summertime.

but brown is my theme for today, and so brown it is.

summahtime brown!!!

my floor pillows were looking a little ratty so i decided to de-ratty them.

have been holding onto this vintage hagapy screenprint fabric for, oh i dunno, 6 years???  the plan in my head was to use the fabric to cover a chair seat cushion.  i decided to buck up and and actually use the fabric before it went out of style again.

so, first up in the brown category – my incredible talent for sewing 2 square pieces of material together to form a floor pillow:

that's me

one very fresh, de-rattatized retro mod floor pillow.  (i’ve still got one more to cover.)

#2 brown thing.

while i was digging through said vintage fabric stash, i came upon a log cabin pillow top i made probably 6 years ago as well and decided to finish it.

the back:

next up – ok david stewart know-it-alls – please tell me this is a david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware piece.

or did i just buy a random brown rooster planter?

it’s GOT to be a david stewart, right?  after all, i took a $3 chance on this cock-a-doodle-dude.  i could find no photos of a rooster in my research, so my new take on this is it is an extremely rare, highly valuable, probably one-of-a-kind david stewart rooster.  the only one in all the world.  take that.

“kim, what up girl, you buyin’ chicken planters now?” 

and then i bought a 59¢ plant on clearance to chuck in it for my ghetto porch.  i think they’re marigolds.  i hope something blooms.  if not, maybe i’ll eat my soup outta this critter.

rooster theme alert.

the jaunty capped rooster tapestry with the rooster planter.

at that same thrift store, i also bought this big ol’ beach bag with a retro feel.  brown corduroy with some snazzy rick-rack trim.  you can never have enough big ol’ bags, especially with rick-rack.  am i walking that fine line of looking like an aging hippie fool or am i the coolest old lady on the block?  the answer is cool.

last in the brown theme is what i consider a score of all scores.  some will think it’s ugly as sin.  probably most will.  me?  i think it’s ultra cool and is the PERFECT fall/winter rug.  very 70s.  a brown graphic diamond flokati rug.

i was in the linens section of goodwill looking the other way when my bare arm brushed up against this and scared the crap outta me.  but then i was all, “whoa, what have we here?”  it’s in EXCELLENT condition and has a beni ouarain vibe(ish) to it.  and who on earth doesn’t want to own a beni ouarain, i ask you????  the back is beautiful.  and it’s a decent size!!!  like, 4-1/2′ x 6′.  these magical things just don’t happen to me anymore.  but apparently, they do.

magical carpet!!!

back of rug

i’ve got the floor pillows, i’ve got the rug – all i need now is the little cabin on the lake with the roaring fire, the bottle of wine, the imaginary boyfriend with the hairy chest, gold chain, moustache…


in my ongoing attempt to remain current and relevant, i’m trying to add more 70s items into my decor to go along with my boho hobo scandinavian look.  i found a yellow and orange faribo wool blanket at the thrift store yesterday (bed bug free).  it’s groovy with a hint of aztec zig-zag.

she’s hanging out on the couch.

and by she, i mean me.

(and please, don’t get me started on the height of that print hanging above the couch – it bugs the crap out of me.  anytime i see a photo of it, i want to take my finger and magically lower the frame closer to the sofa.  there was one hook left in the wall that i was allowed to hang a piece of art on.  this was my only piece of art that kinda sort of worked.  decorating pet peeve numero uno for me…art hung too high.)