ok, let’s review.


not a fan.

not a cat girl.

never liked ’em.

never will.

and yet…

when overpriced goodwill puts a less-than-a-buck price tag on an aarikka finland  wooden cat, somehow i gotta buy it. 

cuz i’m greedy and won’t leave it for someone who really really IS a cat person.

i am slowly, but definitely surely, becoming an old cat lady.


not a larson

i’m digging into thrifting history for this post because i have nothing new to say.

as you may or may not know, i’m no cat person.  i don’t like them.

at all.

and yet, cat-stuff finds its way into my life.  (you recall the bitossi cat which i loathed at the time, but now just makes me laugh.)

bitossi cat

years ago while absorbing all things mid-century modern, danish modern, vintage scandinavian, etc.  i remember briefly seeing a lisa larson lion in my internet clicking: (lions i like, i’m a leo.)

lisa larson lion

which led me to scroll through more of her works, which are awesome.  and expensive.  out of my price range.

but again, i was in a learning phase and familiarizing myself with desirable works of art from the past and things were not tattooed in my brain back then.

lisa larson cat

so off i go to a thrift store and i could not believe my eyes when i spotted this cat:

did i have a larson on my hands?

now, i knew something weren’t quite right.

what were those holes?

and why the plastic at the bottom?

for 50¢ i figured i had to buy it.

was it an incense holder?

what did i have here?

despite similarities, obviously it wasn’t an authentic larson.   i threw it in a box and forgot about it.  thrift fail.

only recently i spotted a couple of these cats posted on flickr, which cracked me up.

it’s a chia pet.

i gotta get busy growing my chia garden for spring.  not to mention, chia seeds are LOADED with health bennies.  chia pets, chia seeds.  all good.  even when it’s a knockoff larson.