(wreath origami instructions from here)

ya know how those researchers and scientists and brain guys say to do stuff with your opposite hand to create new brain patterns to keep your brain firing on all cylinders?  or do crossword puzzles?  or take a new route to the thrift store?  so you can be sharp as a tack when you’re old? and still maintain interesting conversations with yourself ?  cuz that’s my worry (well, one of my worries.)  i want my brain.  i’m convinced origami fits into this category.   i think origami folders must be friggin’ geniuses til the day they die.

origami makes you THINK.  and concentrate.

all i know is i’m going into 2012 on top of the brain game.  i’ve been folding little square pieces of paper in my sleep for gawd’s sake.


i folded all those christmas origamis you can find online everywhere.  and i stuck with the simple ones cuz they didn’t hurt my mind as much cuz they’re more modern.

so for those of you who didn’t receive a real-live card from me, here’s a sample:

merry crease-mas.

fold lang syne.

i know.