this sailor dude needed a boat.

so i found him a rust bucket at goodwill.


signed by demott and obviously not in the best condition.  but what’s my motto?

good enough.

sloop, there it is.

lily leaf

i poked around in goodwill the other night and brought home some pretty sad, beat-to-heck brass candleholders.  they’re made in sweden. 

for the life of me, i can’t figure out the name of the manufacturer and i’ve spent a fair amount of time online sleuthing. 

i don’t think anyone else out there in internet land can figure it out either.  (i’ve seen where a couple people have found items made by the same company and each person used a different letter for the first word.  one used a “K” – i don’t see it, one used a “T”, i had thought originally it was an “S” or maybe an “I”.)  it also seems different companies made this exact same design, ystad-metall being another one i found online.  the brass lily leaf.

anyway, i didn’t have any brass cleaner so i used some grapefruit and lime peels with salt to buff out the tarnish.  (if you’re wondering whether a margarita was involved with said grapefruit and lime peels, well yes, there may have been a margarita involved.  why waste fruit like that?)  i also used worcestershire sauce and some vinegar and some baking soda.  i was a mad scientist slash bartender.  they’re by no means perfect now, but they look good from a distance. 

i like ’em.  i like that they’re a little different from all the wooden danish candleholders i’ve amassed.  i gotta think about unloading some of these…

i’m of the mindset i’ve become too obvious, too clichéd, too theme-y with my decor, so i’m shaking things up around here.  and i’m doing it with more brass.  brass lily leaf candleholders, baby.