valentine’s day

i forget what this holiday is all about. 

someone refresh me.

five years ago (2006) i crafted some skivvies for some store in the northwest – was it portland, oregon?  seattle?  it may have been california for all i know.  i can’t remember.  apparently the store was displaying handcrafted valentine’s underwear, i think (?), and they were taking submissions from anyone.  man, that sounds dumb.  i could have this story all wrong – just go with it and play along.  anyway, i crafted up some store bought underwear with fabric paint and beads and sequins, threw ’em in an envelope and mailed ’em off with a little valentine ornament i stitched up as well. 

i never heard anything back from the store (they were probably chucked right in the garbage can upon arrival.)

anyway, it’s the only valentine related thingie i can think to post.  (and excuse the quality of pics…they were taken with a crap camera that came with the printer i bought back-in-the-day.) 


ahhhh, the cigarette smoking heart.  classy.  (on a serious note, i do recall my friend’s dad had just suffered a stroke from a life-long cigarette smoking habit, which led me to name these underwear “stroke me.”  again – classy.)

in other handcrafted news, i made another mini quilt – that’s TWO mini quilts started and finished in the year 2011.  can you stand it?  it’s another bear-themed quilt.  i’m channeling hibernation.   

i don’t love it and i kept waiting for it to grow on me. 

it never did.

i decided to finish it up just to finish it up and be done with it.  more winter, hibernating decor (it’s 9″ x 19″):

without a frame –

and in another setting, in a frame:

scandinavia finds

i pop into thrift stores only every now and again these days and normally don’t find much.  turns out i found decent stuff this past week.  yesterday also got me a few items.

first up, norway.

this was an unexpected $2 score.

a teeny cathrineholm pot with lid.  i have (2) bigger sizes of these in white with green.  the white with orange was a nice find.  this is my first “white with orange lotus leaves” cathrineholm, although i do own the orange with white coffeepot/teakettle.  i like the size.  a perfect small pot. 

next up – finland.

later that afternoon in the christmas aisle in goodwill were these 2 wooden angels, marked aarikka finland. again – i’ll buy anything made in sweden, denmark, norway, finland.  the boy angel was missing its halo.

lemme tell ya, i searched high and low for that halo, and son-of-a-gun if i didn’t find it on a non-christmas aisle shelf.  took me about a half hour, but SUCCESS!

(do i search this hard for a job? hmmm.)

just need to glue it down now.

didn’t find these exact guys on the website, so not sure how old they are. they don’t strike me as real old, but they could be.  the business has been around since 1954.

also found another vintage bottle brush tree.


merry christmas to me.


$2 sad little thrift store table

i dunno.

i saw this picture:

photography by trine thorsen via emma’s design blogg


and impulsively decided to paint my little $2 table top white. 

i know they’re not even close to being the same thing, but there are similarities.  c’mon.  you can see ’em, can’t you?  3 legs.  triangle.  brown on the bottom. 

so i made it white on the top. 

i own a pair of clogs.  i’ll just throw them under the table and it’s almost the same thing!! 

i just need to remember to paint a gigantic yellow cross/plus sign on the wall in my next house or apartment.  then it will take a trained eye for sure to distinguish the two tables apart.  

speaking of plus sign – didja see “project runway” thursday night?  i settled in on my couch with a little snack expecting to enjoy a nice evening of a couple favorite tv shows.  i did not expect to cry for an hour and a half watching “project runway.”  mondo.  oh mondo.  i love him.  he is so fun to watch.  mondo designed some “plus sign” fabric.  if you watch it, you’ll know what i’m talking about.  and if you don’t watch, well, this won’t make any sense.  but the show put me through the wringer, boy.  probably one of the most lump-in-your-throat, heart-wrenching reality shows i’ve ever watched.  ever.  my eyes were swollen friday morning.  thank goodness i didn’t have a date friday night.


i really haven’t been thrift store shopping in awhile.  not as much as i used to, anyway.  my problem is i’d like to open up a little etsy vintage store, but i can’t commit (and i’ve got the engagement rings to prove it.  bah-dump-bump.)  i just can’t commit to buying stuff i don’t need or want to buy, but stuff i know would sell in a heartbeat were i to open an etsy shop.   i think.  what is it?  is it laziness?  probably a lack of knowledge.  it takes me forever to teach myself how to do anything where the computer is concerned. 

anyway – i was being the “great friend” yesterday and drove to a vacationing friend’s house to water her plants, so i figured while i was out and about and practically there-ish, i might as well take myself to the rich town thrift stores. 

got this little cathrineholm sauce pot (amongst other little odds and ends.) 


i couldn’t commit to buying (3) cathrineholm small orange plates because i thought they were a little expensive for my blood.  but in hindsight, they weren’t.  i don’t need ’em.  but i bet someone else out there does.  so i waffled.  and let them be.  same with a few vintage purses.  i certainly don’t need any more vintage pocketbooks.  but i left (3) of them behind.  and they were cheap.  and i didn’t buy a coffee table and blah blah blah.  i think i’m just being “careful” with my money since i don’t have a job.  but then i think this should be my job.  seeking out the beautiful crap for the world to buy.  do you see my wishy-washyness?  it’s relentless.  oh it’s agonizing living in my indecisive head.

for now, i’ll blame the heat.

xmas runner

all i know is i respect a swedish elf who knows what’s what.  knows what’s important during the holiday season. 

yah, that’s right.

good lighting and booze.

candlelight and beer.

my kind of elf.