an orange heart.

and an orange star.

and monkeys.

if orange and monkeys don’t scream december, i don’t know what does.

hello december.

more neon

while thanksgiving was a scheduled work day for me, turns out i didn’t have to go in.  so armed with my box of wine and craft paints i got down to business cranking out some christmas ornaments.

this is another example of how things you envision in your head don’t quite work out in the execution phase.

this was supposed to be round.  oops.

non-round heart ornament fail

this candle ornament is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.


no, wait, this is.

failed candy cane

what the?

these (2) stars are the only thing i salvaged from my thanksgiving day adventures in crafting.  neon ombre stars.  and that was after a nice long walk to clear my head and regroup.

oh, and i finished up another house ornament that got lost in the craft hell mix.

(managed to find (6) heller plates in PINK! on thanksgiving eve.  like i’ve mentioned, this whole area is dried up of good loot, but boom, there they were.)

anyway – some days crafting beats me down, chews me up and spits me out, man.

more houses

yup, it takes a village…

to decorate a dead stick.

trying to get my crafting feet wet for the holiday season by making a few more swedish houses.  yes yes i know i know, house ornaments have been done to death and it’s time to move onto something else,  but they’re cute enough in their swedishy handmade way, albeit hardly original.

the return of the alcoholic gardener.

and the one armed swede.

count me in as another old sap who’s gonna miss regis.  i’ve crafted crafts and done my morning workouts watching that guy for as long as i can remember.  no siree bob, ain’t gonna be the same without him.

swedish cabin ornament

following this tutorial here, i made a house ornament.  i tried to make mine swedish-y since i like that stuff and all.

(i fully realize mine barely resembles the beautiful examples from the retro-mama tutorial.)

ahh, swedish cabins.

black cabins.

red cabins.

white cabins.

i just love them and i want to live in one.

pardon me, i need to go out and mow my roof.

btw, i’m still on the hunt for something similar in the good ol’ US of A.

this could be a contender:

although there could be some issues with complete social isolation.

not to mention nuclear power plant radioactive leakage.

when people comment, “kim, you are positively glowing” they wouldn’t be lying.

anyway – ornament #1 for the 2011 season.

because i’m not an accomplished seamstress, this proved a little beyond my level of sewing expertise. (there were pleats in the bottom or something that i didn’t quite understand.)

so i made a few more house ornaments and went a much simpler route.

one i stuffed with stuffing and the others i just used batting in between.

swedish broads in their swedish ‘hood with their pesky rodent problem.



yes, christmas is long over, but i was in goodwill the other day and i spotted this handmade manger christmas ornament and i about died. i will never remember to post about this next holiday season, so i’ll post about it now.

i love it. it’s so clever and quite modern.

the best part –  baby jesus is a black-eyed pea! 

and mary and joseph are beans with black-eyed pea heads!

tuck this away in your DIY holiday project folder for future use.

who knew such excellence could be achieved with toothpicks and beans?

just genius.

teeny tiny swede

i scooted into goodwill to see if there was anything worthwhile inside.  man – there really isn’t anything this time of year. 

but then i spotted what i think is a swedish ornament. 

my eyesight stinks now.  even with reading glasses while holding this thing up against the glass window for better light, i couldn’t be sure if i was reading “sweden” or not.  i think i am.  in certain angles i believe i see sweden carved (or stamped) in the wood.

there are 3 lines of info there.

a line of numbers, another line that i can’t make out at all, and then “sweden.”

you see it, right?


i mean, that’s just cute.

xmas hutch

make your own merry christmas.

and make it cheap.

i decorated my hutch top again this year.  did not set up the xmas ‘hood village as i did last year.  like i said, this year i’m channeling nature, sort of.  wood, pinecones, feathers, fresh boughs, rafia lights.  i just used a bunch of (mostly) thrifted stuff you’ve already seen before, but when you throw in those boughs and lights, suddenly it becomes christmas-y.

way too cluttered or richly layered and interesting?

obviously layered and interesting.

i didn’t spend a dime. 

if you’re thinking, “well, that’s obvious,” stop that right now. 

owl candleholder.  it’s pretty tacky looking, but serves my nature theme.


some red and green danish candlesticks,  an original winter scene painting, and my brass squirrel bell.

there’s that mini quilt i finished earlier this year that was supposed to be last year’s decor, but i hadn’t finished it yet.  turns out i still like it (i’ve been known to change my mind all too often,) and so it made the cut this year.   


more nature.  fresh pheasant feathers given to me by a stalker a friend who hunts down innocent birds and kills them dead.  somehow knowing these feathers were plucked from a pheasant whose brains were just blown out sucks some of the joy right out of the holiday decor.  

how’s that for a nice happy christmas visual?

the pinocchio yo-yo makes a repeat appearance.


it looks cozy at night.

and the lighting does wonders for my complexion.  or so i think.