i’ve got a case of the winter boreds.  or the winter lazies.  or the february ruts.  hitting the mid-winter wall.  something. 

i’m still thrifting, but i’m too lazy to take photos.  and nothing i’ve bought has been too earth-shatteringly awesome.

it’s fashion week in NYC this week.

so in honor of that, here’s me modeling a couple hippie earth-toned thrifted sweaters.

my ghetto version of fashion week.  

(i’m also wearing some $3 mia clogs i found in the summer right after i said i wanted some like julianne moore was wearing in crazy, stupid, love.  another case where you declare you want something and *poof* it magically appears.  in your size!!!  now these of course aren’t nearly as cool as julianne moore’s, but good enough for me, i say.) 

made in scotland.  c.n. macauslan and co.  100% wool.  it reminds me of my diamond flokati rug.  i’m diving into this 70s look headfirst, i tell ya.  70s clothing, 70s decor. 

here i’m pumping my jeep’s tires full of air for tomorrow’s pending snowstorm (it’s the only time i drive the ol’ jeep, when there’s snow.)  we’ve been SO LUCKY this winter.  temps have been so warm, i’ve barely worn a winter coat AT ALL.  just a good heavy sweater is all i’ve needed.  it’s been heavenly. 

but tomorrow’s another story and i’ll be needing my jeep’s 4WD and something heavier than a sweater.

action shot, although i wasn’t able to capture the foot pump in the photo.  it’s my secret to slim legs.  have a tire with a slow leak so you always have to pump her up.  a terrific leg workout. 

another hippie 70s sweater:

vintage clipper mist “knitwear of distinction” zipped cardigan.

also wearing last year’s thrifted michael kors wedge shoes.

and that concludes the ghetto fashion show.

more earthtone:

is this stoneware designs west? 

the pattern looks similar to some other vases i own, but this glaze is more shiny.

(like that one on the left)  

i prefer a matte finish but that pitcher and tumblers were all dirt cheap and had that 70s look i’m liking, so i grabbed them.

and that’s about all i’ve got.

damn, that was a boring post.  i’ve got to hire some new writers.