2 girls

alas, the metal leaves were gone from the thrift store but i managed to pick up more metal birds (curtis jere style”,  but no signature.)

i probably won’t paint these.  but never say never.

curtis jere sunburst in a nicer home than mine

via xJavierx

lori and i were on a mission yesterday to test-drive a restaurant she picked for her birthday party.  while we were a tad disappointed in the decor (obvious and a little boring,) there were a couple things we were thrilled over.  number one, we were referred to as “2 girls” on the check.  could be one of the nicest things anyone’s said about us in years, save for a character we met in palm springs who, mid-conversation, stopped and said to us, “you’re not hollywood movie stars, are you?”  like, does it get any better for a couple almost-50 year olds?  we take what we can get.  so to be referred to as “2 girls” and not “2 women trying too hard” was quite something. 

the biggest surprise for me though was when i ordered some french fries and they came served like this:

i’ve heard about fries served in cones, but have never actually HAD fries in a cone in a restaurant.  the fries in my blog picture are just in an upside down child’s paper birthday hat lined with wax paper, which i later learned from a couple people at the bar is a very bad thing in that the hot fries will melt the wax and ruin the fries.  they tasted fine to me but could perhaps explain why i inadvertantly attended a friend’s bridal shower in a fancy restaurant on the wrong day and coincidentally crashed another very wealthy, very proper, very posh bridal shower and suffered major embarrassment over my error.  wax paper poisoning.  that’s it.  that’s where it all went wrong for me.  when i inevitably goof up again i’m blaming the wax paper.