in the same vein that i’ve never been a cat gal, i have also never been one to down a smoothie for breakfast.  like, never.  never went to an orange julius, never went to a jamba juice.  ok, maybe once in the 80s i had an orange julius.  me, i like the act of chewing food and swallowing food too much.  why grind up chewable food in a blender?  i would hear about people going on liquid diets and could never imagine such torture.   i need the chomp, chomp, chomp satisfaction. 

so a coupla few weeks ago i went on a raw foods diet, just as a way to drop a couple pounds and purge the bod a little.  nothing dramatic, nothing drastic.  i ate a ton of food.  fruits, veggies, raw almond butter.  and drank a ton of tea.  ginger tea is my favorite and i don’t really like tea, but i do enjoy a ginger tea.  and this is when i decided to invite the smoothie into my life for a little variety.  not the “green drink” that i probably should be having every morning, with fresh veggies.  i went the fruit route.  bananas and blueberries and flax seed and some organic juice and ice cubes whipped up in my magic bullet

turns out i like them. 

i’d probably love them with rum or vodka, but so far haven’t experimented.  i told you, i’m trying to purge.  cleanse the highways and byways that run through the inner workings of this body of mine. 

i’m pretty sure the main reason i like these smoothies is cuz i get to use the bigger vintage glassware i’ve collected and never use cuz i don’t normally like to drink out of big glasses.  smoothies are MADE for vintage tumblers. 


so, what’s that green candleholder in the background, i hear you asking. 

when i picked it up to look at it in the thrift store i couldn’t believe when it said “denmark” on the bottom.  not to mention it was dirt cheap.  almus keramik.  i’ll take it. 

that’s it for me.  i’m drinkin’ smoothies.  earth shattering, i know.



after a high stress early morning meeting, i needed to find calm, find my center, unwind, relax, meditate, deep breathe, decompress, go to my happy effin’ place, so naturally i did an hour of yoga got in my car and headed to the thrift stores. 

nothing centers me more than a cheap danish chair.

tarm stole-og møbelfabrik a/s. 

instant calm.



have you guys been noticing all the cool spindle back chairs allasudden?

seems all the cool homes have cool spindle back chairs.

via canadian house and home

via sköna hem

via remodelista

via desire to inspire

via desire to inspire

well, count me in as a cool spindle back chair owner.  (plus i already have that other mobler chair.)

i just need the cool house to put it in now.  that’s all.

spindle back rope chair.

no price on it at the thrift store.

when i asked to get a price, the guy said, “$20.”  i was all, “$20????  for this little chair????”

“ok then, $10.”

i said, “ok, ten.”

(and i NEVER barter.)

there were no markings and it was oak rather than teak, but it definitely had a danish “feel.”

turns out it’s a jørgen bækmark, designed in 1959 for mobler.

for $10!

and then i made a pillow for it.

because i am in pillow-mode.

vintage gulls.

but i only had a small scrap of this fabric, so she’s a tiny pillow, 13″.  scale looks odd with this chair.  i’ll have to make a different, slightly bigger pillow.

no problemo since i’m in PILLOW-MODE!

anyway, i love my chair.

haven’t seen any of these little enamel ladles in quite some time, but happened upon a little red one in good condition for a quarter so i bought it, too.

red, white, blue and cheap.  my kinda patriotic late july day.


thank gawd it’s spring. 

dare i say we’re out of snowstorm danger for the long haul?  my shovel has been packed away. 

“snow showers” are in the forecast three times in the 10-day.  what?

all things bear-related are packed away.

and have been replaced with items of color and happiness and joy joy joy.


and with spring comes the sounds of spring. 

birds chirping.

and the neighbor putting on a new roof. 

bang. bang. bang.

all. day. long.

we wait and we wait and we wait for the warmer temperatures and somehow you never anticipate the ol’ roof replacement.  ahhhhh, what can you do?  applaud their home improvement efforts and then pour a drink. 

i thought i’d be refreshed and renewed and ready to blog again after a nice winter break, but that didn’t happen.  my well is dry.  bone dry.  i’m kinda bored with everything.  bored with crafts, bored with decor, bored with movies, bored with thrifting, bored.  everything is starting to look and sound the same to me everywhere i turn.  and yes, i’m familiar with the phrase when you’re bored, you’re boring.  i won’t deny this.  i’m kinda boring.  not as boring as some people i know, but not as riveting, either.

things i’ve changed over the past few months:

1.  i’m off shampoo and conditioner.  i use the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine every other day.  google it.  there’s tons of info on the web.  sure, i smell like a salad, but no-one gets close enough to me these days to notice.  one incident worth noting – a slightly embarrassing moment came when a waiter asked if i’d like some fresh ground pepper on my head. 

2.  speaking of hair – i have jumped on the ombre hair trend.  or bronde, if you will.  dark hair at the roots gradually fading into blonde ends.  there is a delicate balance from looking like this:

to looking like this:

after finding myself creeping into mug-shot chic territory, i plunged headfirst into a DIY version of ombre hair (with darn good results) following these instructions here, making me look less like the “glamour don’t” example directly above.

3.  i start the day with a cup of hot water, rather than coffee.  i saw it on dr. oz.  i still drink a couple cups of coffee after that, but i have cut back on my coffee consumption.  i almost like it better than the coffee.   i also enjoy a cup of hot water in the afternoon.  this certainly katapults me into old fartdom.

4.  i’ve gone vegan – no eggs, no fish (to go along with my no wheat, no dairy, no corn food allergies diet).  it’s just an accidental experiment – my grocery store was not stocking the local farmer’s eggs for a couple weeks and i gave up.  i can’t say i won’t return to these sources of protein in the future, but for now it’s rice, beans, veggies, fruits and nuts.  and tequila.  you’d drink too if you had to live on my diet.

pink grapefruit margarita

5.  i became obsessed with californication.  yes, i know i’m SO LATE, seasons late, years late to the party on this one, but it’s one of the only things that has grabbed my attention and held it for any length of time.  there is an eerie familiarity to the story line – i  feel like i’m watching a quasi-ish version of my past life.  quasi-ISH the charismatic boyfriend, the beautiful long-term girlfriend (that’s me, btw, natch), the cheating, the drugs, the booze, the break-ups, the get-back-togethers, the break-ups again….anyway, i’ve been in a californication coma trance fog watching seasons 1 – 3 in these last weeks of winter.  it’s been awesome.

david duchovny and natascha mcelhone from californication

and so with that, the blog goes on another hiatus ’til something earth-shattering happens.  this non-shampooing, hot water drinking, netflix addict vegan has nothing to write about.

oh, except for this pair of cool-as-hell wooden vintage swedish lamps i found via ebay.  they remind my sister of an egyptian wedding cake (?) and yes, they do have a wedding cake/christmas tree feel to them, but they also put off an amazing cozy glow and i ask you, who in the world doesn’t appreciate a good cozy swedish glow?

i haven’t found a permanent place in my apartment for them yet, one stays on the kitchen counter for now and the other i drag around with me from room to room to create ambiance.   sitting on my ass ambiance.


dropping in briefly to say happy new year.

have a whale of a time, a whale of a year.

(just when ya think you’ve thrifted everything you could possibly need (almost), along comes teak whale napkin rings.  look at ’em.  they’re so mod.  they’re so cool.  they’re so whale-y.  they’re everything i could ever hope and dream for in the all-important, essential danish modern napkin ring.  how did i live without these before?)

THE BEST 2011 ALL-AROUND!!!!!!!!    HEAR, HEAR!!!!!


the same day i bought my fake saarinen tulip table and chairs set (they’re actually “krueger,”) i also nabbed a great little entryway table/console table.  it’s a hekman.  boy, that was a banner day for finding good stuff at el next-to-nothing-o prices.  i hopped onto ebay and another site selling hekman and found nary a piece of furniture that resembled this.  everything seemed ornate and frilly.  strange.  i must’ve gotten my hekman from their better design days.


and along with that, got an industrial looking table lamp.   from what i can gather, it’s an m.g. wheeler lamp (a version of the “sight light?) 


i like the masculine feel of it.  there might as well be something male in this house.  sad it’s got to be lamps.

and don’t even ask me how to change that light bulb.  i’ve had it for a few weeks now and can’t figure it out to save my life.  sure, great looking design, but c’mon.  changing a light bulb shouldn’t be that taxing on my brain cells.

another day…

…another felt flower. 

i’ve been cutting and folding and gluing a LOT of felt.

i’m loving all these tutorials i’ve been finding on making felt flowers.  this one is from megan at not martha

made this in between wrapping tape around hula hoops.  i have no photos of my hoops yet since i’ve only made two of them (well, 3 really, but that first one was experimental.  experimental and bad.  and they’re very plain-jane compared to all the beautifully decorative taped hoops out there in hoop world.  i used the cheapest tape i could find.  they’re good enough for playing around.)  wrap a little while, glue a little while, wrap, glue, drink, wrap, glue.

speaking of drink, picked up this vintage juice king juicer a few days ago to see how it squeezed juice.  it does the trick.  it’s a little bulky for my dinky kitchen space, though.   i think i remain partial to my vintage reamers, but i feel obligated to pick up good, sturdy old kitchen tools when i see them. 


i see a margarita in my near future.