jeans and ceramics

i’m pretty sure i just thrifted some dungarees that could be the coolest pair of levis in the world.

these jeans scream “AMERICA” despite the souvenir patches from france and germany.

just a good ol’ pair of american levis that will NOT GIVE UP no matter how much wear and tear.

will ya look at that stitching?!?!

these are ART.

also found a couple arabia finland bowls that are a little different (to me.)

small dish with fish.

and another bowl with golden flowers.  apparently flowers called carolina jessamine.  or evening trumpet flower.

and that is your horticulture lesson for the day.

designed by hilkka liisa ahola.

also, a vintage franciscan earthenware serving bowl in a cool aztecky pattern.  hacienda gold.

and a cute little scandinavian-ish shaped vase.

and that’s the way i like to spend a holiday.


on the rocks

have ya ever been traveling to a destination where you can’t believe your lucky stars and you hit every traffic light green???!!!!  it’s like MAGIC.

i LOVE when that happens. 

well, the exact opposite happened to me the other day. 

i hit every red light.  EVERY ONE. 

AND had to stop for a school bus.  it became so ridiculous it was funny.  had i been in a hurry it probably wouldn’t have been funny. 

but there was a (small) pot of gold at the end of that red light rainbow. 

sister had a special request.  she lives a less “wanty” life than me.  lives with the bare minimum.  and i’m not exaggerating. 

she had been making old-fashioneds over the holidays (bourbon is the new vodka, after all) and didn’t have proper glassware.  hers were either too small or too tall.  she needed something “goldilocks just right.” 

“hey, could ya keep your eyes peeled for some rocks glasses in your thrifting travels?” 


i don’t pay too much attention to glassware, but i thought i may have found some iittala beauties, since i found another made-in-finland item in the store and a piece from norway.  perhaps a donation from the same home?  so i took a chance.     

anyway – turns out these are vintage iittala aslak rocks glasses.  there were seven of them.  nice.

(there were also three vintage kekkerik iittala water goblets i picked up as well.)

the other stuff was an arabia covered individual casserole. (?)  i can see using it to make hot artichoke dip.


and a figgjo flint wall plaque/trivet.

translates “there’s food in good drink.”  i couldn’t agree more.

and a rosenthal studio line mug.


this one’s marked “dresden.”  designed by kitty kahane. 

and THEN, just cuz i was on a ROLL, found a couple eva zeisel (RIP) stockholm rocks glasses to boot, in a whole ‘nuther store.  they’re plain and not quite as dramatic as the iittalas, but i’ll take ’em.

a pair on a pear.


ahhhhh, summer.  my absolute favorite.  summer’s here at last.

oh people, i think i’m pretty much done with the blog thing.   there are only so many posts i can do of “check this out” or “see what i found for $2” and make them funny.  it seems like the whole wide world is thrifting and blogging these days and my little thrift score finds are hardly worth posting about.  and since i barely know how to use a computer or a camera, i can’t make my blog very pretty.  i just can’t keep up with technology on my own.  it’s frustrating.  why oh why didn’t i have a child out of wedlock who would now be able to help me with a computer? ahhh, regrets.

that said, check out some cool things i found recently.

rosenthal coffee pot.  the crystalline edition.

(i left the goodwill tape on for your viewing pleasure.)

do i use a coffee pot ever? does anyone?  seriously.  anyone?  only to stash my millions of dollars in cash.  thieves, take note.

here is one from my modern retro table style book.

(you recall i found a small rosenthal platter a couple years ago in the pattern above.)

next, an arabia finel enamel bowl for $2.

this is a smokin’ find.  friars and maidens throwing back vino and looking a little medieval randy.

sure, a few chips and dings and typical fleabites, but i don’t mind.

awesome screenprint.  (i hate to mention the artist’s name since i found this at goodwill and it’s a shame things like this end up at goodwill.  she’s a local artist who’s still alive.)  anyway, it’s 1/20.  signed.  1974.  needs a new mat.  kinda mod.   suppose it needs a frame as well, but since i can’t really hang things on my apartment walls, a frame isn’t necessary at this point.  this screenprint would take an 18″ x 24″ frame and that is far too heavy for those 3M sticky hook things i’m required to use.

what do you think?  does it kind of have the feel of this fantastic piece of art in this dining room designed by commune?  kind of?  if i turned it sideways?

no?  ok, maybe not.  it’s nothing like it.   but i still like mine.  and i look forward to the day when i can hang it in my imaginary dining room with horizontal wood paneled walls painted white and looking spectacular.  (the dining table looks like mine, wouldn’t ya say?  oval?  teak?  huh?  huh?)

speaking of 3M sticky hooks – whoa.  i was taking a mid-afternoon nap on my couch in a deep coma when a 3M sticky hook used to hang a candle sconce above the couch gave out.  landed next to me in a THUD.  jumped me right outta my skin.  when i think of the possibility of a pointy candle sconce lodging itself right smack dab in my temple, well then, that’s a little frightening.  ya do everything you can to eat right, exercise, wear your seatbelt, wear sunscreen, etc. and then *WABAM* – out of nowhere – death by decor.  the ol’ mid century modern candle sconce to match the starburst wall clock lodged in the temple during a mid-afternoon nap trick.  who can predict those things?

picture this stuck in my brain

crisis averted, though.  phew.  it’s reminicent of the old clue board game, right?  miss kim in the parlor with a candle sconce.

so folks, hopefully the day will come when i’ll be gainfully employed again and be on the house hunt once more.  and so until i own a home, this little two-bit blog is going dark.  (i may continue to post photos on flickr still.)  arrivederci and sayonara for now.

scandinavia finds

i pop into thrift stores only every now and again these days and normally don’t find much.  turns out i found decent stuff this past week.  yesterday also got me a few items.

first up, norway.

this was an unexpected $2 score.

a teeny cathrineholm pot with lid.  i have (2) bigger sizes of these in white with green.  the white with orange was a nice find.  this is my first “white with orange lotus leaves” cathrineholm, although i do own the orange with white coffeepot/teakettle.  i like the size.  a perfect small pot. 

next up – finland.

later that afternoon in the christmas aisle in goodwill were these 2 wooden angels, marked aarikka finland. again – i’ll buy anything made in sweden, denmark, norway, finland.  the boy angel was missing its halo.

lemme tell ya, i searched high and low for that halo, and son-of-a-gun if i didn’t find it on a non-christmas aisle shelf.  took me about a half hour, but SUCCESS!

(do i search this hard for a job? hmmm.)

just need to glue it down now.

didn’t find these exact guys on the website, so not sure how old they are. they don’t strike me as real old, but they could be.  the business has been around since 1954.

also found another vintage bottle brush tree.


merry christmas to me.