pardon my ego

sometimes i get so full of myself. 

i have another example of shallow, superficial validation.

so far, retirement  being unemployed has been fun.  ok, it’s only been 1 day.   and let me just say for the record, my last evening of employment was a fine one.  no 450 lb. clients to work on –  i massaged two lovely women who were both sweethearts, and sometimes in the casino world this is a rare thing.  and *bonus* – when i parked my car in the employee parking lot to catch the bus for my very last time, magically the very first parking space, the one closest to the bus, was available and was mine all mine.  it was nearly a perfect evening, if work can ever be described as perfect.

and so, hanging on my doorknob yesterday was a “happy unemployment” gift.  several weeks ago on design*sponge, there was a sneak peek of the home and business of sibella court and i was positively taken with it.  her style spoke to me as i have a tendency to collect stuff.  too much stuff.  and don’t know how to not collect.  and apparently she has a book out that is only available at anthropologie stores and it wasn’t yet listed on the anthropologie website (although it is now) and we happen to have an anthropologie store here in my state and i happen to have a friend who happens to work near(ish) that store and when i happened to mention i might make the drive up there during my retirement, he happened to pop into said store where they happened to have their very last copy of the book in stock.  and now that book belongs to me me me.  “etcetera, etc.

now, i haven’t had the time to really sit down and study and memorize and fully absorb the book yet (though lord knows i’ll have plenty of time,) but i did a quick scan-through and opened up to this page.

i nearly died.  i own that exact sweater!  and that exact sweater happens to have a funny(ish) back story.  several years ago i bought the sweater at a goodwill for $3.   i was intrigued by it because i knew it was old, it was cashmere, it had fun embellishments, but what struck me most were the rivets.  i thought, “heck, this is kind of “edgy” for a fancy sweater for its time.  pearls and rhinestones and rivets.”

mind you, when i bought the sweater, there was no fur collar attached to it.   and i wore it out to dinner like that.

fast forward one and a half years later when i’m in a completely different goodwill, hundreds of miles away from where i originally bought the sweater, and there hanging amongst the scarves is a piece of fur.  i was all, “what the heck is this thing, this fur thingie?!?!”  flipped it over and it had SNAPS.  my mind instantly went a million miles an hour digesting and processing those snaps, and i was all at once mortified i had worn a sweater out in public thinking it was beyond cool when really it was only half-a-sweater, missing its most important piece, and then simultaneously elated to actually FIND just the piece of fur, just the fur collar.  at half-price!!!!  $1.50.  i didn’t even know if it would fit my sweater, but turns out it was a perfect match.  like cinderella and her glass slipper, sort of.


and i’ve got to tell you.  i’m one of the ones who feels funny about wearing fur.  i’m just not the fur wearing type.  but sometimes you’ve got to make an exception.  especially when there’s a good story behind it.  and my story just keeps getting better now that it is PUBLISHED in the coolest book EVER.

i wonder if this is what my fortune teller lady meant when she said i would have something published.  (did i mention that?  she told me i’d have something published?  no?  well, she did.)