jeans and ceramics

i’m pretty sure i just thrifted some dungarees that could be the coolest pair of levis in the world.

these jeans scream “AMERICA” despite the souvenir patches from france and germany.

just a good ol’ pair of american levis that will NOT GIVE UP no matter how much wear and tear.

will ya look at that stitching?!?!

these are ART.

also found a couple arabia finland bowls that are a little different (to me.)

small dish with fish.

and another bowl with golden flowers.  apparently flowers called carolina jessamine.  or evening trumpet flower.

and that is your horticulture lesson for the day.

designed by hilkka liisa ahola.

also, a vintage franciscan earthenware serving bowl in a cool aztecky pattern.  hacienda gold.

and a cute little scandinavian-ish shaped vase.

and that’s the way i like to spend a holiday.


what in tarnation…

is this?

toy?  joy? 

i used to work with a japanese woman.  that would’ve come in handy today for translation purposes.  ah well, woulda coulda shoulda don’t.    

i say it’s a japanese pedestal stoneware vase.

and i think vintage.

anyway, i bought it.

it’s beefy, 9″ tall, ’twas cheap(!), not cracked or chipped(!), and it’s some kinda pottery/ceramic dealio.  looks good on a shelf.

and then there’s this thing.

it’s a shawl/poncho/wrap/scarf that can serve double duty as a blanket or a rug in a pinch. 

made in portugal.

again, it has me walking that fine line between cool and homeless hobo.


i’m trying to channel clint.

i’ve got the scowl down pat.

i totally need a hat, a ciggie and some facial hair. 

here’s a couple thrifted items i can identify.

this is a belt.

and these are a couple small enamel dishes.

in organic wine news, i did not have a headache today and i may have had more than one glass of wine last night.  and on that note, it’s happy hour….