last day

today is my last day of work.

i will share one (of a gazillion) little stories i’ve had working at the casino.

just about this time last year, st. patrick’s day weekend, i massaged a woman named eileen.  eileen stood about 4 feet tall.

our clients are given a form to fill out where they can list areas of concentration they’d like to focus on when receiving a massage.  if this is left blank, as it was in eileen’s case, when i come back into the room after they’ve gotten onto the table, i’ll usually say something to the effect of,

“so – no particular areas of tension or soreness?”

now, most people will say, “oh, my low back always gives me trouble,” or “my neck and shoulders bother me,” or “i love to have my feet massaged.”  stuff like that.

eileen says to me, “well, yes indeed, i’ve got some awful bloating in my stomach from all that corned beef and cabbage i’ve been eating…you know how THAT goes.”

to which i responded, “wait a minute, are you a leprechaun?”

and eileen said, “oh dear, don’t be silly, there’s no such thing as a lady leprechaun.”

i learned something new there every day.  leprechauns are only men.

eileen was just a short irish woman with gas.