bear with me

it’s true.

another bear mini quilt.

the last bear mini quilt.

11″ x 11″.

i suppose technically there’s still time to make another wall hanging with a bear on it in these last couple weeks of winter, but i won’t.  i’ll spare you. 

i had a few random pieces of linen scraps left over, and so as not to waste, i stitched them together and made my final bear mini quilt in the final days of this long-ass winter.   

bear obsession is officially over.  onto spring-like colors and themes. 

but please, if perchance my next post features a bear-drinking-a-margarita-in-an-april-shower-with-crocuses-and-tulips-in-full-bloom mini quilt, send in a therapist, will ya?

valentine’s day

i forget what this holiday is all about. 

someone refresh me.

five years ago (2006) i crafted some skivvies for some store in the northwest – was it portland, oregon?  seattle?  it may have been california for all i know.  i can’t remember.  apparently the store was displaying handcrafted valentine’s underwear, i think (?), and they were taking submissions from anyone.  man, that sounds dumb.  i could have this story all wrong – just go with it and play along.  anyway, i crafted up some store bought underwear with fabric paint and beads and sequins, threw ’em in an envelope and mailed ’em off with a little valentine ornament i stitched up as well. 

i never heard anything back from the store (they were probably chucked right in the garbage can upon arrival.)

anyway, it’s the only valentine related thingie i can think to post.  (and excuse the quality of pics…they were taken with a crap camera that came with the printer i bought back-in-the-day.) 


ahhhh, the cigarette smoking heart.  classy.  (on a serious note, i do recall my friend’s dad had just suffered a stroke from a life-long cigarette smoking habit, which led me to name these underwear “stroke me.”  again – classy.)

in other handcrafted news, i made another mini quilt – that’s TWO mini quilts started and finished in the year 2011.  can you stand it?  it’s another bear-themed quilt.  i’m channeling hibernation.   

i don’t love it and i kept waiting for it to grow on me. 

it never did.

i decided to finish it up just to finish it up and be done with it.  more winter, hibernating decor (it’s 9″ x 19″):

without a frame –

and in another setting, in a frame:

cold enough for ya?

i craft what i feel.

and i’m tellin’ ya,  i feel like a frickin’ polar bear.

a big cranky polar bear.  geeza louisa, it is cold

bitter, bitter cold.

and snowy.

apparently record-breaking snowy for january in CT. 

so i crafted a polar bear amongst ice caps mini quilt.  yes, i am back to making mini quilts.

the miracle of this little wall hanging is i started in 2011 and i finished in the same month i started.  can you stand it?  made in less than 2 weeks time.  that, my friends, is some progress (for me) in finishing a project.

and framed:

neon fries

i made another mini quilt and i call it “neon fries.”  cuz i’m artsy like that. 

it’s the crookedest mini quilt i’ve made to date and i know why.  i rushed it.  normally i make a quilt top and put it aside for what? 6 months?, then come back to it, sew a back to the piece and finish it up.  this time, in an effort NOT to procrastinate, i went ahead and sewed a back piece to it immediately, and it came out all wobbly and not square.  i should just accept the fact that procrastination becomes me.  it’s much better for my masterful works of art.

i like how the fries are all wobbly.  i just don’t like that the quilt itself is not square.  so i’ll just chalk this one up as homemade charm.  when you squish it in a frame the crookedness shows up more.  that’s why it’s necessary to layer cute little danish figurines in front of it and distract the eye. 

this yugoslavian cop is thinking, “i smell something crooked in these parts.”       

started in august

finished in february.

that’s just about right.


we’re in for some rain for the next five days or so.  rain, sleet, snow.  the picture above was taken this morning when it was snowing and the snowflakes were gigantic.  can you see them? 

i don’t know if i can bear another 6 months of rain like we had last year.  really though, what can you do about it?  if you can’t beat it, craft it.

i’m on a tear.  i’m in the process of finishing up a few projects i started in the fall which have been left strewn about the apartment. 

yes, it’s achingly similar to the other one i did this past summer, only i’ve gone out on a limb (no i haven’t) and made raindrops instead of circles. 

from this summer:

(the design was lifted from a vintage craft book i own.  here’s the original by beaudette smith.)

original wall hanging by beaudette smith

not so original wall hanging by me


next up is trying to figure out how to sew an envelope enclosure pillow with giant rick-rack trim piping using a piece i’ve already appliquéd and embroidered.  it hurts my brain to even think about it.  will undoubtedly involve math and real thinking, and i like to think of myself as more of a mindless crafter.

abandoned warehouse

had to make a trip to my storage unit today and there’s an abandoned warehouse right next door to it.  looked like a good place to hoop. 

so i did.

can we talk about the weather for a moment?  mid-november in new england?  absolutely GORGEOUS.  for me to be in a t-shirt in november is a mini miracle.  i’ll take it.

just a spectacular day. 

finally finished this up this morning and framed it:

i like it.  looks good with the other one i finished awhile back.

happy cheery colors.

remind me to channel this happy cheery day come the middle of a snowstorm.


i’ve been under all kinds of dumb stress lately and i’ve found the way to relieve that stress is by hand stitching little embroidery stitches onto little pieces of felt.  appliqué, if you will.  there’s a meditative quality to it.  DSCF3120



that is a LOT of stitching.


that is a LOT of stress.

small teak frame

i pick up cheap teak frames any time i can when i’m in goodwill.  you never can be quite sure when a teak frame will come in handy.  and since i’ve been crafting of late, i figured i would make an itty bitty mini wall hanging to go in a small teak frame i had hanging around. 


but ya know – when it comes right down to it, when you make an itty bitty mini quilt, it turns out you’re really just making a coaster.




and when you start framing coasters, all of a sudden that just seems sort of dumb.