memorial day weekend = half-price sales at thrift stores. 

so i went back and got the threadbare, worn kilim pillow i had left behind when i bought my first one.  i soaked it overnight but it still looks dirty.  i’m nuthin’ but a dirty hippie now. 

speaking of hippie, shoot me now cuz i also got a small kilim bird purse.  i must’ve bought 100 pocketbooks in the past month or so. 

ok, well, 4. 

but i could’ve bought 100.  i’m the lady in the thrift store talking to herself saying, “no no no no no you don’t need this.”

sometimes i listen to the voices, sometimes i don’t. 

these are instances when i didn’t listen. 

at first i thought that “H” one could’ve been a vintage hermes bag from the 70s.  it isn’t. 

but if people ask, i will say, “yes, yes, as a matter of fact it IS an hermes.”

cuz a status bag is IMPORTANT. 

no it’s not. 

also – posters.

more effin’ posters

the one i like best cuz it’s a lion and i’m a leo is ripped and has mold on it.  yup, breathing hazards and less than perfect condition will not stop me from buying 70s polish art posters.  mold schmold. 

in better condition is the all-too-familiar “why do i buy cat stuff when i can’t stand cats” poster. 

say it with me. 


which in my world translates to practically free.

and also it’s just kinda awesome.   

and yet a little scary.  perhaps the stuff of nightmares. 

these are cyrk posters by hubert hilscher.  cyrk mean circus.  i’m brilliant like that. 

and let me also admit this.  who do i think i am calling myself a pro at thrifting?  i thought i would brave the crowds at goodwill this morning before work cuz it was half-price off everything in the store and i had my eyes on a pair of jeans i wanted to distress and a couple tee shirts and an 18″ x 24″ empty frame that would be perfect for my newly matted screenprint thrifted last year.  so i was right there at 9 AM.  trouble is, they opened at 8 AM.  the place was a mob scene.  i felt like such a rookie.  ashamed, i am.  the frame was gone, darn it, but everything else was there, along with this enamel ladle in size huge that i didn’t own yet and am not sure how i’ve lived life this long without. 

for size comparison:

also –

since it’s the kickoff to summer unofficially, i officially looked for a new (to me) summer cocktail to try and i found this one.  a blueberry french 75. 

fresh blueberries, fresh squeezed lemon juice, gin and champagne. 

lemme say for the record – it might look girlie, but it packs a WALLOP.  not for the faint of heart.  i think i was buzzed on one sip. but i have to say, i’m pretty sure this is going in the ol’ cocktail rotation, with or without blueberries.  plus i feel pretty sophisticated saying i’m drinking a french 75 and as we all know, the meaning of life is all about fake sophistication.

click here for recipe.


not a larson

i’m digging into thrifting history for this post because i have nothing new to say.

as you may or may not know, i’m no cat person.  i don’t like them.

at all.

and yet, cat-stuff finds its way into my life.  (you recall the bitossi cat which i loathed at the time, but now just makes me laugh.)

bitossi cat

years ago while absorbing all things mid-century modern, danish modern, vintage scandinavian, etc.  i remember briefly seeing a lisa larson lion in my internet clicking: (lions i like, i’m a leo.)

lisa larson lion

which led me to scroll through more of her works, which are awesome.  and expensive.  out of my price range.

but again, i was in a learning phase and familiarizing myself with desirable works of art from the past and things were not tattooed in my brain back then.

lisa larson cat

so off i go to a thrift store and i could not believe my eyes when i spotted this cat:

did i have a larson on my hands?

now, i knew something weren’t quite right.

what were those holes?

and why the plastic at the bottom?

for 50¢ i figured i had to buy it.

was it an incense holder?

what did i have here?

despite similarities, obviously it wasn’t an authentic larson.   i threw it in a box and forgot about it.  thrift fail.

only recently i spotted a couple of these cats posted on flickr, which cracked me up.

it’s a chia pet.

i gotta get busy growing my chia garden for spring.  not to mention, chia seeds are LOADED with health bennies.  chia pets, chia seeds.  all good.  even when it’s a knockoff larson.