new year

new calendar.

ugh.  the dreaded monday birthday this year. 

but it’s a summer birthday.   so just give me a jelly jar with a scoop or two of blood orange sorbet topped with some prosecco on a sweltering hot july monday birthday and *poof* who cares if it’s a monday.


= scrumptious.

from lotta jansdotter.


checking in

i’m still here.

i’m still making simple crafts.

i’m still making the occasional cocktail.

i’ve graduated to a more sophisticated margarita.  don’t hate me cuz i’m sophisticated.

i read where you’re not supposed to add orange liqueur (triple sec, cointreau, etc.) to a margarita.  and actually, the owner of an authentic mexican restaurant told me a purist wouldn’t add anything to a good tequila (oh, you americans!), but i’m not that sophisticated yet.

here’s my recipe now for a basic margarita:

1 oz fresh lime juice (half a lime)

1/2 oz agave nectar

1/2 oz water

2 oz 100% blue agave silver tequila (blanco)

put all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake shake shake, strain into a chilled vintage cocktail glass and serve on a handmade patchwork coaster.  cuz it’s better that way.  and i salt my rim.  cuz it’s better that way.

and i found a new-to-me wheat-free snack that i can’t be sure doesn’t have cancer-causing acrylamides, but every now and then you have to take a chance on a snack that isn’t a baby carrot.  pretzels made the acrylamide list, but is this an actual pretzel?  mary’s sticks and twigs.  it’s just so hard to know what to eat these days.  for now, i’ll say the once-in-awhile stick and twig is OK.

i took a 2 day confidence workshop hoping to amp up the confidence as i repeatedly get turned down for jobs.  can you imagine?  people don’t want to hire this chick who handcrafts awesome potholders that double as coasters who makes her own delectable cocktails from scratch that are almost good for you.  apparently these aren’t skills employers want in a massage therapist.


boy, creativity has ground to a halt around here.

i dug out the scrap basket and whipped together a few potholders, a la lotta jansdotter, using both new and vintage fabrics.

i like the shape, veering off from the normal square.  everyone needs an oblong potholder.

tutorial here.

birthday greetings going out to the sister.

guess what you’re getting for your birthday?

i know, the extravagance never ends.