an orange heart.

and an orange star.

and monkeys.

if orange and monkeys don’t scream december, i don’t know what does.

hello december.

whoa, that’s bright

patchwork pillow.  surprise surprise.  who’d have guessed?

this pic makes the pillow look like it’s got pointy doberman pinscher ears. 

down, boy.

what i think happened was the doberman elf ears were created from my hurried stuffing of the pillow form into the cover.  oops.  and it’s raining today so new outdoor pics ain’t gonna happen.  could be the first cruddy day of the summer.  so i’ll just post these few photos of my neon fabrics/neon thread/who-needs-sunshine-when-you’ve-got-this-nuclear-pillow quilted patchwork pillow today, and maybe take more photos later on.  or maybe not because i’ve GOT to break out of my comfort patchwork pillow zone and GET BUSY figuring out a baby quilt.  i thought i had til october to make a quilt, but the bébé shower is in 2 weeks.  it’s good for me to work with a deadline, but really, in my head i’m still convinced that i’ve got ’til october.  so this might be it for blog posts for awhile.  me and my machine will be forged together in holy matrimony these next couple weeks.  that, or i’ll be forced to visit a babys-R-us and buy something off the shelf.  ugh.  nope, i can’t do it.  i just can’t.  i won’t. 

this looks less doberman-y.


i’m off to buy some simple blue and white fabrics.  yup, it’s a dude baby.  and he’s getting a macho dude baby modern quilt.


maybe, baby.

still at my machine.

more fabric has been cut.

vintage flower fabrics seem to be a theme.

more sewing has been done.

neon colors are in full force.

nothing is finished. 

that’s about all i’ve got.

postively genius or hideously tacky?  stay tuned.

hopefully there will be more progress by the end of the week, i.e. a finished pillow or dos.  if not, we can blame the humidity and current heat wave which may force me to the shore to cool off a smidge.  and when i say shore, i mean an air conditioned goodwill in an upscale shore town.

and speaking of neon, i kinda love my new vintage anchor hocking bowls and plate with a dash of neon orange.

and –

sort of thrifting related –  

american pickers” has made it to my list of TV faves.  only discovered this show recently (this summer) while channel surfing – airs monday nights on the history channel.  those guys (mike wolfe and frank fritz) kill me.  they have the BEST JOB.


the obvious thing to do when you’ve just declared your disdain for sewing is to go in search of more fabrics. 

found this ugly-yet-beautifully-retro pack-o-fabric at goodwill for a buck.  i didn’t really seek this out.  the colors just sort of shouted at me.

from across the store. 

falls into that fluoro color trend happening everywhere.  or at least in europe. 

primstyle = kimstyle.

i might’ve had jammies in that fabric as a kid. 

and then went to the flea market yesterday and got a small stack of vintage fabric remnants:

surprisingly, one of the fabrics i had quickly placed in my pile turned out to be a curtain panel and coincidentally fit my back door perfectly.  again – it falls into this “granny chic” look and i don’t mind that look, really.  actually, i do like it when i’ve seen it done correctly.  i just have a feeling i’m currently walking that thin line between granny chic and goodwill ghetto granny sanford-and-son.  whatever.  this apartment is temporary (i hope.)  i’m keeping the curtain up.