oh, computers


they’re a double-edged sword, are they not?

not having a computer for a couple months kind of gave me my life back.  i got sh*t done.  i got outdoors, i made time for old acquaintances, i kind of organized my house and dusted and washed floors and stuff. sure, i still went to the library nearly every day for my 1 hour fix of computer time.  but that was it.  one hour.  i just don’t have that kind of discipline when a computer is in my home.  and i don’t know why.  cuz i have discipline when it comes to food and eating.  and i have discipline when it comes to working out.  and i have discipline when it comes to spending money/saving money.  but dag – i have NO discipline when it comes to computer time.

yes – i broke down and bought a new computer.  and i spent one of the nicest days of the year indoors on my butt catching up on everything i missed in the past couple months.  and i know weather karma gods will make it snow next week cuz i didn’t use this freak-show warm weather gift we’re experiencing now wisely.  once my new computer was fired up, i barely got outside to enjoy it.

that yellow pom-pom was the first pom-pom i made in my life.  i consider myself an expert now.  a gal can crank out more pom-poms than she knows what to do with when there is no computer in her life.  and when tv stinks.  i don’t want to be all bad-mouthy, but man, is tv the worst now or what????  i called to cancel tv altogether and the cable spokesgal talked me into keeping basic cable. i will say i’ve come to love PBS and all the travel shows.  but morning shows, talk shows, evening tv, almost everything is making me cringe.  american tv personalities are robots.  seems everyone is saying the same thing. all day long.  all. day. long. for. the. love. of. gawd.

so my tv stays off only til i have to fall asleep.  and then it goes on and lulls me to sleep.  it’s a sickness.

but back to the pom-poms.

i’m years behind on this pom-pom trend.

i wanted to make this rug i had seen recently:

 via craftivity

not to mention a couple bedspreads that caught my attention.

via desire to inspire

via the style files

with the rug photo, i guess i was just in love with the picture.  the fireplace, the size of the room…

and it looks similar(ish) to the pinocchio rug from hay:

via apartment therapy

in reality, i just don’t have the room for that size rug.  and then i got to thinkin’ the best place for this sort of rug would be in an upstairs hallway where the wooden floors are painted white, maybe next to a cool thrifted vintage chair or something.  an area that exists only in my imagination, not in my actual apartment.

so i stopped pom-pom production at the 3 ft diameter point.

make pretend that floor is an old hardwood floor painted white in the cutest cottage on a mountainside lake rather than the cheapo lineoleum it’s setting on now.

lemme tell ya, these rugs can go pretty tacky pretty quickly.  it definitely needs the right setting.  and currently i don’t own the right setting.

some day.

(she has said for too many years.)