honestly, i will find any distraction not to pack.

i was flipping through an 80s decorating book and it fascinates me how decor trends ebb and flow and re-become popular. 

there are so many photos where most decor choices are spot on for today.

from the 1981 better homes and gardens new decorating book:

i’d take everything in the photo below.  the painted brick wall, the fireplace, the hans wegner peacock windsor chairs, the coffee table.

the michelob.

the sofa.  the pillows.  heck, i’d take a red duck.

kilim pillows, the rug, the cacti, that groovy red reading lamp.

blue safari chair.

blue eating area.

ok, that’s a whole lotta blue but i still kinda love it.

another crazy dining area i could live with today.

big artwork and some macrame plant holders and some crazy pillow action.

more macrame.  this time on a window. 

i could crank one of these babies out in a weekend with my mad macrame skills.

wood walls, danish rya rug and canvas sling chair.

danish kitchen with hans agne jakobsson lamp similar to mine (ish).

an over-the-top too theme-y southwestern room, but i like some of the elements, like the bookshelves and chairs and rustic box coffee table.

oh and hey now, ben shahn poster.

the poster is the ONLY thing i like in this room.  i hope the “stuffed red chair plushie hanging from the ceiling” look never makes a comeback.

ok, back to packing.

p.s. the sound of packing tape coming off the roll is annoying.


baby quilt

will ya look at that?

i finished the baby quilt i started in september.

it’s all washed and dried and crinkly and it didn’t fall apart after it came out of the dryer and i kinda love it.  nothin’ fancy, no fancy quilting.  (i saw a modern, minimal baby quilt on flickr i admired, decided to make something similar and just kinda winged it using boy colored fabrics.)

my first ever (!) finished quilt to be used by a human, albeit a little bitty human.

a little quilt to be used by a little human to puke on, pee on and poop on.

oh it warms my heart so.


the back is all white with one little square of vintage fabric.  i had to use some vintage fabric.  the antlered buck struck me as very masculine and therefore appropriate. 

the white, however, is a tad impractical.  what do i know?  i’m not a mom. 

this is definitely more like it, more my speed.  six months from start to finish.  this timeline feels just about right – as a matter of fact,  i prefer it – it keeps me from getting sick of the project i’m working on.  yes – the gal is back who starts a project in one year and finishes it the following year.


first of all, can we just talk about the weather we’ve been having????

seriously, it’s been all kinds of gorgeous for DAYS in a row.  we didn’t have this gift last year and to be sure, it won’t be long-lived as rain is making its way toward us in the next few days.  but boy, it’s been nice.

decided to pry myself away from the house, visit a local park, plunk down on a bench and read my newly thrifted book without distraction.

oh procrastination.  it’s my worst attribute.  and i’m determined to lick it.  found this book from 1979 last night at the thrift store.  it was so funny to read the first couple chapters and see myself in many of the examples.  i’m learning new terms like “discomfort dodging” and “action diversions” or “addictivities,”  and oh can i ever relate.  addictivities are activities you do to avoid doing what you really need to do.  guilty as charged.   

this book is my new bible.  i will read it.  i will finish it.  i will be a changed woman by the time i turn 50.  if i could only keep getting more perfect afternoons like this.  the park was empty, save for one other couple who were there for a short time, far far away from me.  once school is out though, empty parks will be hard to come by.   

also thrifted a tough-gal jacket from italy for super cheap.  nice and lightweight, but fully lined with wool.


brought along my new decor book “etcetera, etc.” as well, which i am LOVING.  it’s just gutsy decor and i tend to play it so safe…i’m hoping to loosen up a tad…

bookshelves.  i need bookshelves.  i need a house with bookshelves.  i need a job so i can buy a house with bookshelves.  i need to stop going to the park so i can stop procrastinating sending off resumes so i can get a job so i can buy a house with bookshelves.

another page from the book:

yup, i have that lamp in orange. 

thrifting is another one of those “addictivities” i do to avoid doing what i really should be doing. 

give up thrifting?  

um, no.