happy, happy

i get to bellyachin’ the thrift stores are dried up, there’s no good stuff anymore but truthfully,  i am thrilled to go thrifting and come home having spent 25¢.

to wit, one fork to add to my interpur set of flatware. 

seriously, that makes me happy.  

(to wit?  when have i ever used “to wit” in my life?  what am i, an attorney all of a sudden?)   

but christmas week was well, like christmas. 

i had seen this photo recently and immediately thought, now THAT is some STYLE.

via desire to inspire

that artwork!  that black wall lamp!  those chairs!

don’t get me wrong, i see TONS of great decor pics every day and think, ok, ok, stylish, and into my inspiration folder they go and thus begins the seeking of stylish stuff from thrift stores.  you guys know.   

like these, for example, all featuring more thonet chairs:

via apartment therapy


via remodelista

via design attractor

so yay for me when i found (2) thonet chairs at salvation army.  and i already own a couple thonets with arms.  i’m practically there with that first style-y look above.  ha.

my newly thrifted thonets

one of (2) thonet bentwood armchairs i already own

i just need some awesome artwork in size gigantic. 

speaking of artwork (in size medium), i bought this beat-up framed poster (?) by sonia delaunay cuz it looked modern. le cœur à gaz.  it’s 20″ x 20″ square.  i think i done good.  i don’t think this is available from anywhere anymore from what i can gather online.  i just need to replace the scratched-to-heck plexi. 

which brings me to another thing thrifting is good for.  it’s good for learnin’.  i learn so much about so many things and so many artists.  this is an inexpensive education i can get behind. 

me at a cocktail party:

“yes, i’m working on my doctorate in thrifting.”

“yes, it IS a real degree, asshole.”   

which is why i don’t get invited to many cocktail parties.

and then there were more little things, like a rosti plate (did you know rosti made plates?  i didn’t.)


good for a plate wall.  my decor tastes ebb and flow constantly but i still like a plate wall done well. 

 via canadian house and home

and this porzella plate too.  don’t think there’s much monetary value to it, but i like these plates.  cuz, you know, i like foreign words and stuff. 

also, a non-animal cactus planter from david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware.  

that’s how i knew it was a cactus planter.  someone wrote it.

kinda mod.  i’m in dire need of cacti now, what with that bullet planter i just found. 

a little candleholder from west germany/usa rauschert porcelain called bavarian village. 

and cute bell angel ornaments from japan.

and a vera xmas tablecloth that i don’t even really like, but it was HALF-OFF and pretty much free, so i bought it and layered it on top of my other vera tablecloth. 

yah, kinda ugly. 

oh, and this fine looking set of salad utensils.

it was just a darn bountiful week after many many many non-bountiful weeks.  combine that with the safari chair and it was almost too much for me to handle.  no it wasn’t. 

i was listening to NPR on the way to work and they were discussing hoarders.  i know i’m one.  but i’m one of the ones with awareness of my problem knack for collecting.  so i’m ahead of the game.  boy, they were talking about the emotional attachment to “things” and they were describing me to a T.  i also think my problem lies with organization, which was also discussed on NPR.  so that is my resolution for 2012.  get stuff organized.  i’m not one for resolutions, but organization seems like a logical thing to work on.

my job is slowing to a halt in january so organization is priority #1.  and i ain’t foolin’ around this time.  i mean business.

and on that note, happy new year, folks!