more roundness

given the choice between working and not working, work vs. unemployment, i fall on the side of preferring unemployment.  i just had more fun.

man, i’ve been busy at work. and not a fun busy.  a stressed out busy.   i’m tired, i’m sore, i’m cranky, i’m no fun. 

complain complain complain.  i work with a bunch of complainers.  complainers will suck you dry.  so i try my best not to complain while i’m at work.  i save my complaining for you lucky people.    

so enough of that. 

i managed to complete another round pillow on my day off.  i finished the pillowtop itself months ago, yet didn’t have the proper fabric to back it.   a quick trip to a thrift store a couple weeks ago netted me a vintage fabric remnant that would work so i had no excuses.  i had to finish it. 


i’m not even sure this is my style anymore.   good lord, i’m fickle. 

these colors are more springy and rumor has it spring is around the corner. 

not only are my style tastes fickle, the weather has been fickle.  when the weather folks call for a half foot of snow, we get ZERO.  when they call for a wintry mix with mostly rain, we get 5″ of snow.  the weather dudes are having an off season, i tell ya. 

and i guess if i’m talking round, i’ll throw in this 70s pop art takahashi tray thrifted a couple weeks ago. 

so, the academy awards are tomorrow night and i’ve seen a fair amount of the contenders and i’m just not excited.  all i know is bridesmaids better win for something.  it was seriously the most fun i had at the theater this year and there may have been one scene in particular i related to that had me spitting laughing.  and also because of jill clayburgh.  i was always a jill clayburgh fan and i think this was her last film role and when i went to see the movie i wasn’t aware she was cast in it.  it was a good surprise. 

i expect to be konked out solid by the time the oscars air.   too much massage too many days in a row is like a 1-2 body punch for me these days.  TKO.  i am down for the count.

albino bat

i don’t do halloween anymore.  i just don’t.

i sound like such a scrooge. 

but for adults, it’s just kinda dumb, isn’t it?  if you don’t have kids?  like, what’s the point of dressing up or buying candy you can’t eat?  and i certainly don’t answer my doors to nobody in the ghetto, halloween or not. 

several years ago i had a co-worker friend who loved bats.  and then we suddenly weren’t friends anymore (long, ugly story) and she was no longer a co-worker.  in the time we were friends, i started to make a bat pillow for her.  well, several prototypes of bat pillows.  this all occurred while i was in my log cabin pillow phase.  turns out our friendship ended and since i’m not enamored with bats like she was, i never finished any of the pillows. 

well heck, it’s october and october means halloween and bats are halloweeny, so i decided to finish one.

as far as timelines go, this fits perfectly into my procrastination schedule.  3 years to finish a pillow?  perfect. 

now, anyone can make a black bat pillow, right?  that’s so obvious.  i decided to represent the ignored-at-halloween albino bat. 

via condé nast traveler



oh brother.

good lord, this is just not my cup of tea (or chalice of potion).  i can’t do cute. 

do i sound like a halloween snob?

i can absolutely do cute and tacky and kitsch at christmas – i almost insist upon it.  good taste at christmas just ruins the holiday for me.  good taste, schmood taste.  takes the fun right out of it.  but for any other holiday, i just can’t handle it.   

but i’m keeping her around for another 2 weeks.  i’m de-scroogeing.  what’s the harm?  it’s not as if anyone’s gonna see it, ‘cept you guys. 

which reminds me.  my pregnant friend had her baby on 10-10-10.  have i finished the baby quilt i was making for her?  nope.  i expect it to be done somewhere around 2013.

mad men season finale tonight.  this season has been SO good.  they’re all good, but this season was especially dark and gritty.

  “where can i find a great bat pillow?”

(you know i’m gonna be on the mad lookout for those bookends.)

what the heck am i going to look forward to on sunday nights now?  finishing that baby quilt?  hardly.   

florals and gingham

i’m wearing socks

full time. 

double socks, even.  socks on socks.  my floors is cold.

i must accept summer is now over.  the flip flops and sandals must be retired.  oh it pains me so.  i’ve been chilled to the bone the past several days.

this weather certainly warrants the need for hot apple cider now.

and a side of turd. 

(ok, it’s not a turd.  it’s a gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free snack bar.)

does not have quite the visual appeal of a whoopie pie or a chocolate chip cookie.  gone are my days of the decadent snack.  woe is me.  i’m left with turds.

so, patchwork.

more patchwork. 

another pillow. 

quit yawning.

had an old (new) unused pillow form laying around naked and figured i’d wrap it in vintage florals.


gingham and vintage florals.  very D&G, spring 2011.  yes, it seems even the heavy hitters in fashion are embracing this granny-chic thing. 



(all photos via tom and lorenzo)

no quilting on this one.  just some patchwork with a floral backing.  small lumbar pillow.  perfect for lumbaring.  brightens up an otherwise dully upholstered saarinen executive office chair on these drizzly, gloomy days. 

the back:

umm, brrrr

how did i go from sweating and barely able to move to downright freezy-cold?  i mean, it was SO HOT not long ago and now it is SO NOT.  blink of an eye.  weather is a mystery.

i drank hot apple cider.  it’s TOO EARLY for hot apple cider.  i’m not READY to say goodbye to summer.  i’m wearing socks.  i’m wearing layers.  my windows are closed.  i’m even drinking tea and i don’t like tea.  i just needed something warm the other night.  i’ve got the down comforter back on the bed.  oh, i don’t like this at all.

speaking of down comforters and all things blanket…

i’m mid-baby-quilt. 

don’t ask. 

not sure if i like my color combos.


didn’t want anything “babyish.” 

why?  because i’m anti-baby, of course. 

no,  of course i’m not anti-baby. 

i wanted modern and unisex.  it’s a boy baby.  so it’s got a boyish slant.  no flower fabrics.  maybe that’s why i don’t love it. 

if this thing eventually comes somewhat close to resembling a quilt, maybe i’ll make one similar with girly vintage fabrics.  although why, i don’t know.  the last thing i need in the world is a baby girl’s quilt.


the next decision is whether or not to hand quilt. 

i saw a beautiful, handstitched vintage quilt at the thrift store the other day.  it was so well done.  and so well worn.  tears all around the edges and throughout the itty bitty patches from several washings and tons of use, i assume.  it was $25 and i couldn’t justify buying it.  but i did pause and admire the handiwork. 

i can only hope my little baby quilt ends up in a thrift store someday, overpriced and torn to pieces, where some random shopper sees it, admires the workmanship and then walks away. 

that is my dream.

i herd you finished another pillow.

you herd right.

“stop staring at my butt.”

the deer pillow is done.

and the back:

all vintage fabrics.  made the size of a standard bed pillow.  i think i’m pretty much all set now for pillows for awhile.  like, for the rest of my life.

i’m positively in love with the cover of the september 2010 issue of living, etc.  what is it?  a vintage modern boho hippie floral granny downtown scandinavian cottage-y relaxed look?  whatever it is, it’s the look i’m going for. 

of course, we all know that one minor detail that seems to be missing.  yup, the house.

ok, well, maybe a job, too.  whatever.

i’ve got my eye on this:

screams me.

can you put a house on a credit card?  cuz i’m pretty sure i could do it.  forget all that qualifying for a mortgage crap.  forget the red tape, the bureaucratic b*s.  i’d just like to divvie it up between my amex card, discover, visa, and mastercard, please.  and maybe a little on old navy.  sure, go ahead, take a down payment from my debit card.  whatever you need.  c’mon.  there’s GOT to be a way for me to get a house.  i pay my bills.  i’m not part of the problem.  i’m one of the good guys.  i’ve got cute furniture.  i’ve got great artwork.  i’ve got swedish light fixtures, for gawd’s sake.  lord knows i’ve got pillows.  it all needs to go somewhere.  and the world needs to see me decorate with all my cute stuff.  the world is passing me by and i’m missing out on this wallpaper trend.  i need to wallpaper!  i want to swear my brains out hanging wallpaper, watch the trend come and go, and then swear some more over what a hassle it is to remove wallpaper.  this is what i want.  all i want.  i just want something to decorate and something to complain about.  isn’t that what we all want, really?  and maybe a good meal?  with some good company every now and again.  and a few laughs.   maybe a good movie.  well, that’s all i want.  and i’d like to put in on a credit card.     

that last paragraph could be menopause sneaking up on me.  what a rant.

i need a life coach.  i need a swift kick in the butt.  i need to regroup.  i need a drink.


i got locked into a hoarders marathon for a good part of my labor day monday.

i had seen commercials for the show, but never full episodes.

fascinating and frightening. 

part of me feels like i could be a card-carrying member of the hoarders club. 

and part of me is grossed out.  c’mon – some of them are just PIGS.  the ones who don’t do anything about garbage?  i understand collecting.  i don’t understand trash piled up to the ceiling. 

i need to watch my words.  part of me is also thinking, “those in glass houses….”   

finished the quoi de neuf pillow from my hoarded vintage fabric collection.

i’m feeling a strong urge to tidy up. 

maybe now that the weather isn’t so extreme, i can get some organization going.  thank you a&e for that hoarders marathon slap-in-the-face.

if you’re in the mood for a collector’s movie, watch “the art of the steal,”  a documentary on who gets control of one man’s (dr. albert c. barnes) $25 billion dollar modern art collection after his death.

the gist of the movie is how dr. barnes’ collection was scoffed at (by peeps in power) way back in the day and how he could hold a grudge once those hater power snobs caught on and realized what he had, all the while being oh-so-generous to the true art lovers, the students and teachers of his barnes foundation.  i like his style.  another little guy vs. big government.

collectors and hoarders.  we all want to believe our stuff is worth money.  something tells me i’m no dr. barnes.

really REALLY hot

another heat wave.

we’re in for more 90°+ weather today.  i want to stay home and sew, but it’s just too hot.  the beach is calling my name.

quilted and washed my latest pillow top:

yes, i continued to use the neon fluoro pink thread.  and yes, i tore off that gigantic rick-rack.

 got another pillow top done.  no laughing out there.  i happen to love it.

made with vintage deer fabric, blue retro terrycloth flower power fabric and a yellow retro pillowcase.

i’m IN LOVE with this extraordinary summer weather, but it really makes getting anything accomplished impossible.

quoi de neuf?

more mysterious foreign language messages.

i believe this means “what’s new?” in french. 

that, or “what’s nine?”

i can’t be sure.

either way, it’s made it to my latest patchwork pillow top.


i’m showing you this unfinished pillow to leave you with something because i’m off for awhile to help paint walls and trim and offer unsolicited decorating advice in parts unknown. 

the boonies. 

you can’t get there from here. 

i’ll be away from my computer, away from my thrift stores, away from my sewing machine for who knows how long.  in who knows where.  it’s like i’m quitting everything i love cold turkey (except for maybe that sewing machine thing – i can’t quite say i love that.)  i hope i don’t have withdrawal symptoms.  i hope i don’t throw up. 

the thrift store employees might put out an all points bulletin for me.  you think i kid. 

speaking of thrifting…

sabra and vera.  2 lady artists whose first names end in “a.”  how’s that for a theme?

first up – sabra. 

a thrifted piece of GREAT art, a cobalt blue woodblock print, frame dimensions are 11-1/2″ x 12-1/2″.  i think this one must be pretty old.  found sabra’s website (it’s under her married name of sabra field, this piece is signed “sabra johnson,” which is why i’m assuming it’s old.)  but very modern looking, no?  and sort of scandinavian.  anyway, i love it.  it’s entitled “aspiration” and might resemble a corn stalk or a rooster tail and i’m deathly allergic to corn and does aspiration have something to do with breathing?  because i can’t breathe when i eat corn and therefore i was meant to have this print.  how’s that for a story?

next up – vera.  

vera neumann.  more vintage vera napkins.

i didn’t even realize they were vera when i bought them.  i  just liked the print when i saw them, and then saw the tag when i brought them in the house.  bonus surprise.

hopefully i’ll have some good house painting photos to share upon my return.  there is rain in the forecast for several days in my painting destination locale, so who knows if any photos will come out?  what can ya do?   

til then, mes amis… 

à bientôt.

whoa, that’s bright

patchwork pillow.  surprise surprise.  who’d have guessed?

this pic makes the pillow look like it’s got pointy doberman pinscher ears. 

down, boy.

what i think happened was the doberman elf ears were created from my hurried stuffing of the pillow form into the cover.  oops.  and it’s raining today so new outdoor pics ain’t gonna happen.  could be the first cruddy day of the summer.  so i’ll just post these few photos of my neon fabrics/neon thread/who-needs-sunshine-when-you’ve-got-this-nuclear-pillow quilted patchwork pillow today, and maybe take more photos later on.  or maybe not because i’ve GOT to break out of my comfort patchwork pillow zone and GET BUSY figuring out a baby quilt.  i thought i had til october to make a quilt, but the bébé shower is in 2 weeks.  it’s good for me to work with a deadline, but really, in my head i’m still convinced that i’ve got ’til october.  so this might be it for blog posts for awhile.  me and my machine will be forged together in holy matrimony these next couple weeks.  that, or i’ll be forced to visit a babys-R-us and buy something off the shelf.  ugh.  nope, i can’t do it.  i just can’t.  i won’t. 

this looks less doberman-y.


i’m off to buy some simple blue and white fabrics.  yup, it’s a dude baby.  and he’s getting a macho dude baby modern quilt.


maybe, baby.

new sheets

ok, well, old sheets. 

part of me is grossed out by buying used sheets to use on my bed when they’re not new in the package.  it’s just kinda weird.  but then i think about sleeping in hotels and hotels don’t use a new set of sheets every time they make the bed, so i just washed ’em as soon as i got home and make pretend i’m always sleeping hotel-style.  and just pray lice and bed bugs can’t survive the wash, rinse, spin-cycle, followed by the dryer at high heat.

a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a set of pillowcases.  none of ’em match.  and yet they all kinda go together. 


but you came here today to see a little more patchwork pillow magic, right?

more vintage fabrics.  kinda ugly.  but kinda totally beautiful IMO.

see, when something becomes easyish and uncomplicated for me, i stick with it.  relationships, jobs, pillows, you name it.  as soon as it gets a little tricky (or boring,) i’m done.  i give up.  so here again, you have the same square patchwork.  a few pieces of vintage trim and rick-rack thrown in to shake things up.  expect to see this exact same pillow for the next 17 years. 


this version with neon pink quilting. 

now if i could only  e x p a n d  this by a couple dozen squares and knock out a baby quilt, obviously in more subtle colors as the poor baby would start out life with night terrors from these jarring prints.