y’ever get home from a thrifting outing all psyched cuz you got a wicked cool skruf sweden decanter for one dollar and then you suddenly realize why it was one dollar and why it was at the thrift store? 

well, i have.

that cork ain’t budging.  she’s never coming out.

nope.  never. 

ahh, thrifting.


innocent young maiden

i’ve been illin’ for a little while and haven’t been to a thrift store.  popped in yesterday for a quick spin around right before closing.

it was worth it to find a 50¢ treasure.

the miniature swedish wooden doll.

she looks like an innocent young maiden.

kinda reminds me of me.

except for that innocent part.

ok, and that young part.

to catch up…

these are a few items i acquired in august.

this is a small souvenir plate from stavangerflint norway, approximately 7″.

that is one HUGER-than-huge teak tray with which i will serve HUGER-than-huge cocktails to my guests if i had ’em to myself.  stamped “NORDIKA” made in sweden on the back – i couldn’t find any info on it.  i’m pretty sure it’s old.  i’m pretty sure it’s cool.  i’m pretty sure i was luckier than lucky to find it in goodwill for $3 cuz there ain’t been sh*t in there of late.  i think the east coast is dried up of good loot.  pickins = slim.

what else?  a porsgrund (more norway) fish trivet, a small green heller plate (7-1/2″) to go with my bigger heller plates i use all over the place as trays and another set of danish salt and pepper shakers similar to ones i already own, only one is bigger than the other in this set.

and honestly, that is just about it.

i’ve mostly been getting good vintage clothing – sweaters and stuff for fall, only it’s been too warm (not complaining) to wear most of them.  if the mood hits me (doubtful,) i’ll try and photograph some of them.

speaking of clothing, didja see bill cunningham new york?  oh how i loved that movie, oh how i love that man.  they don’t make ’em like him anymore.  them’s good people.

lily leaf

i poked around in goodwill the other night and brought home some pretty sad, beat-to-heck brass candleholders.  they’re made in sweden. 

for the life of me, i can’t figure out the name of the manufacturer and i’ve spent a fair amount of time online sleuthing. 

i don’t think anyone else out there in internet land can figure it out either.  (i’ve seen where a couple people have found items made by the same company and each person used a different letter for the first word.  one used a “K” – i don’t see it, one used a “T”, i had thought originally it was an “S” or maybe an “I”.)  it also seems different companies made this exact same design, ystad-metall being another one i found online.  the brass lily leaf.

anyway, i didn’t have any brass cleaner so i used some grapefruit and lime peels with salt to buff out the tarnish.  (if you’re wondering whether a margarita was involved with said grapefruit and lime peels, well yes, there may have been a margarita involved.  why waste fruit like that?)  i also used worcestershire sauce and some vinegar and some baking soda.  i was a mad scientist slash bartender.  they’re by no means perfect now, but they look good from a distance. 

i like ’em.  i like that they’re a little different from all the wooden danish candleholders i’ve amassed.  i gotta think about unloading some of these…

i’m of the mindset i’ve become too obvious, too clichéd, too theme-y with my decor, so i’m shaking things up around here.  and i’m doing it with more brass.  brass lily leaf candleholders, baby.