so, it’s fall

it’s fall and i’ve been fall cleaning.  kinda like spring cleaning, but i’m a procrastinator and it takes me 6 months to do anything.

and cleaning isn’t very interesting, so i haven’t got anything interesting to post.

(the photos above are me being fall-like heating up apple cider, even though the temps have warmed back to summerlike.  if there’s cider in the house, then i’m drinkin’ my fiber, hot temps and all.)

i changed my bed linens from this:

to this: 

i told you. 

not exciting.

yup, i’ve got the recently thrifted vera sheets on the bed (i insisted the maid wash ’em twice due to bed bug fear.) 

and my poor little table i worked so hard to refinish last summer?  it’s teak and i thought teak was good for outdoor furniture.  could withstand the elements.  i used it on my porch to house my potted herbs this summer. 

turns out it didn’t fair so well in the few torrential downpours we had.  i had to resand the entire thing (just a light sanding) to remove rust rings and watermarks and then re-oil.  and reglue the underside where some veneer was coming unglued.  oops.  i’ve got to start taking better care of my little gems i’ve found along the way.  in my recent trips to the thrift stores, the pickin’s have been slim.  there doesn’t seem to be anything good out there anymore.    not sure if it’s cuz i already own everything i could possibly want or what.  no, that’s not it – i remember good danish stuff popping up all over the place.  now i can’t even find a coffee cup that excites me.  or a cocktail glass.  not that i need any of that stuff.  i don’t.  it’s just not there anymore. 

but the point is, the table’s lustre and shine have returned and it is back to being an indoor table. 

a bottle of prosecco fell off the fridge door and landed squarely on my middle toe and it HURT.  and it drew blood and then i walked across my flokati rug and flokati rug hairs got all in it and it was gross.  lucky me, i had a bottle of prosecco to ease the pain caused by the bottle of prosecco.

prosecco with a splash of cranberry 

cleaning, sanding, and pain.  that about sums up my week. 

the dullest post of all time.   but i warned you.



i may have jumped the gun on complaining about the cold weather.  yes, we had a morning in the 40s and yes, the temps have plummeted during the evenings, but lately the days have been sunny and in the 70s and it’s feeling summery all over again.  i’ll take it.  no complaints.  for now i’m done with that afternoon tea that i don’t even like. 

on to thrifting –

what the hell kind of ear syringe turkey baster battery operated lampy light thingies have i got here?

made in italy.

kinda mod.

i think vintage.

i’ve never seen them before and that’s why i like ’em.

you twist the bottom and *instant light.*  just like a glade air freshener. except light instead of smell. 

they’ll come in handy in the event of a power outage.  i’ll be able to see myself doing nothing.

hot pink vera sheets:

it’s official.  i’m never getting a man with all this pink.

i met up with a former work buddy last night for dinner and drinks and she’s going through her 6th divorce at the moment.  not a typo.  6th.  maybe i’ll just keep the pink and not worry about a man.

i know i said buying used sheets was giving me the heebie jeebies due to how bedbugs are taking over the world and ruling the universe, but screw it.  i took the plunge.   

i now have enough sheet sets to change my bed linens every other day –  just like oprah – without having to do constant loads of laundry.  yup, me and oprah.  same sheet schedule.  fresh clean crisp sheets every other day.

except i don’t do that.

but i could if i wanted to.

i don’t make the maid work that hard.