as you may recall from yesterday –

i found some metal geese.

i decided to give them the HGTV treatment, à la “design star.”

except i used a somewhat gaudy neon pink rather than a pretty berry pink, which ended up looking a little like neon coral.  something a too-tanned florida lady would paint on her toes.  (and let me just say for the record – i do not watch this show – i don’t.)  but i must’ve had HGTV on one evening and somehow passed the TV set going from one room to the next and they were in the last moments of the show, revealing the “after” shots…anyway, i remember thinking “hey, i kinda love that fireplace and hey, i kinda like those geese.”  and i also remember it being around the time i first saw neon pink being used as an accent color in a sneak peek from gemma ahern on design*sponge, which i loved.  because who does anyone know who dares to do this?  no-one.  and that’s why i loved it.  so different.  and let’s face it, so well done. 

they’re extremely lightweight and i can hang them on those 3M sticky hooks in my apartment (again – not allowed to put a nail in my walls per the strong arm of the landlord.) 

and yes, they would probably make a stronger statement against a dark smoky gray wall, but for now standard issue rental apartment ivory walls will have to do. 

being unemployed is fun.

p.s.  there were metal leaves at the thrift store as well which i opted to pass on.  they have a green sticker though, and green stickers go on sale for half-price starting tomorrow.  i may have to duck in (get it?) and scoop them up, rather than leave (get it?) them there.  i did buy a vintage scarf with neon leaves on it.  perhaps the metal leaves could use a little neon treatment of their own?

the metal leaves might not be in the store though.  it’s the chance us thrifters take.  but then again, i don’t think most of my fellow shoppers are hunting for the same things i’m hunting for.   we’ll see, we’ll see….