ok, let’s review.


not a fan.

not a cat girl.

never liked ’em.

never will.

and yet…

when overpriced goodwill puts a less-than-a-buck price tag on an aarikka finland  wooden cat, somehow i gotta buy it. 

cuz i’m greedy and won’t leave it for someone who really really IS a cat person.

i am slowly, but definitely surely, becoming an old cat lady.



some recent acquisitions:

10″ x 24″ wooden horse silhouettes plaque.

the back is stamped but i can’t make anything out, save for the price, $65-

i paid 3/65th of that price. 

15″ square framed vintage needlepoint tapestry.

it plays tricks on my eyes.

kilim and leather boots.  they kick butt.

unfortunately i’ve got a chubby homeless hobo look working for me here.  but the boots still kick hobo butt.