this is the other plain ol’ brown footstool i’ved owned and used for years.

i changed it up a bit.

couldn’t decide whether or not to paint the legs.

i gave one leg a coat of white.

i didn’t love it.

i sanded the brown paint from the other legs.

i decided i liked the raw sanded wood.

(or was i just being lazy?)

stapled on some purdy vintage fabric, added a little more padding and now i have another girly footstool with nekkid legs.

good things come…

…to those who wait.

a job, you ask?


a boyfriend?


a house?

no.  i’d have to have a job to get a house, now.

it’s a pretty trivet.

to replace the skin colored trivet i found a year ago.




one dollar.

a reminder of the flesh fish:

now i own jaundice fish:

and all is good.


you may recall i bought a floor lamp last september for $4. 

over many days (weeks) and many coats of primer and spray paint and having the lamp topple over when the wind kicked up and chip the paint off in several spots, i finally decided to call it “good enough.”  instead of looking like a $4 lamp, it now looks like an awesome $10 lamp.


and it actually FEELS LIKE SPRING! 

and i’ve got sunshine yellow on the brain.

(this is an ongoing spray painting project that is going terribly wrong.  but it’s still sunshiney yellow.)

and this is a recently thrifted retro cosco stool that just needed a little cleaning up.  well, a lot of cleaning up. 

i’ve been inspired by the big yellow rocker.