a glass of health

made with organic blueberries…..

this glass packs a wallop of vitamin C, fiber, manganese (not to be confused with mandarin chinese), and antioxidants.

a virtual glass of health.

except for the tequila.

yah, this is a blueberry margarita.  i was feeling adventurous.

made with organic blueberries, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, a splash of pineapple coconut juice and tequila.

i wish i could say i loved it.  i don’t.

sometimes it’s best not to screw with mother nature and her beautiful blueberries.


kale in a cone

i’m off the fries.

i’m off the chips.

so much for my blog(s) name(s).  ah well.

(i might have to change my blog banner picture to skinny mashed potatoes in a cone.)

in an effort to better understand food and nutrition and health and to avoid cancer at all costs, i’ve been googling a LOT lately.  best foods to eat.  worst foods to eat.  absolute worst foods to eat.  what are the top 10 worst foods EVER in the history of the WORLD?  there are several lists out there, but potato chips and french fries make just about everyone’s lists.  i always thought they were considered unhealthy due to the fact they were fried and anything fried = fat.  but it’s still a vegetable, meaning there had to be some underlying goodness in there somewhere, right?


so, apparently it’s not the fat and calories.  it’s the acrylamides.  acrylamides are cancer causing carcinogens formed when potatoes are cooked (and browned) at a high temperature.  what?  not even baking (and browning) fries in the oven (which i did at home) is safe.  oh man.  this news was a big fat bummer. and it’s not even current news. it’s almost 10 years old!!! arrrrrghhh, i get so mad when i don’t know this sort of information. (it’s still OK to boil a potato or to bake a potato whole.  so i still eat potatoes, just not in snack form.)

but now i know and now i’m done with fries.  so as a snack i’ve been making kale chips.  they’re kind of addicting.

i’m not sure they make for a very pretty picture.

kale in a cone.

(ok, kale in an upside down birthday hat.)

there are loads of recipes online.  i pretty much just bought a bunch of kale, picked off leaves, washed ’em up good, dried ’em up good, tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil and sea salt and baked them @ 275° for 20 mins or so til crisp, flipping them once and turning the pan in the oven.  does that sound like an official recipe?

like i said, they’re really quite good.  ya just don’t get enough with one baking pan (which is probably a good thing.  portion control is not my strong suit.)  the leaves shrink up like spinach does.  you end up with a nice little snack bowlful.  small serving for 1.  not nearly as easy as opening a bag of chips and mowing the whole bag, yet not as fattening and deadly either.

do you think sometime in the future when the world gets a little more serious and educated about food and nutrition new snack bowls will be made with the words nuts, snacks, baby carrots, kale chips?  wouldn’t that be sumpthin’?

never gonna happen.


boy, creativity has ground to a halt around here.

i dug out the scrap basket and whipped together a few potholders, a la lotta jansdotter, using both new and vintage fabrics.

i like the shape, veering off from the normal square.  everyone needs an oblong potholder.

tutorial here.

birthday greetings going out to the sister.

guess what you’re getting for your birthday?

i know, the extravagance never ends.

ma’s day

best picture ever.

me and mom with her mom and her mom’s mom.

happy mom’s day to all you stylin’ moms out there.


ya wanna know what i like?

i like finding a seagulls wall hanging like i did last year

and then finding the matching gull the next year.

lord i’m simple.

royal britain

sick of all things royal?

i’m not.

(as much as i loathed the weeks and weeks and months and months of pre-royal wedding coverage, i actually enjoyed watching the royal wedding itself.  well, most of it, some stuff was snooze-ola.  but that middleton gal – i gotta hand it to her – she was cool as cucumber, not to mention drop-dead stunning.  that face!  and i admire the brits’ attention to punctuality.  i like how everything was timed down to the minute.  impressive.)

so, maps.

over the years i’ve seen vintage maps used as decor and some pictures struck my fancy, but i’ve never felt any sense of urgency to own a big-ass vintage map.  snob that i am (ha) i prefer original works of art.  i guess you could say i was indifferent to maps.  i can take ’em or leave ’em.

here’s one i like:

it’s a simple corner and i love everything about it.  how ’bout that lamp?

actually, this post here has a fantastic assortment of vintage maps decor.

the following monday after the royal wedding i made an impromtpu stop into a thrift store i rarely visit.  it’s a rinky dink thrift store where i normally find rinky dink items like vintage ornaments or cocktail napkins, that kinda thing.  big-ass map was not even on my radar for this store.

never dismiss the rinky dink thrift store.

i am now the proud owner of a big-ass map of royal britain.   apparently it’s circa 1961. 

and here are a few close-up views:

i’m gonna say i like it.  she’s a keeper.  my own little piece of vintage royal history.

coco de mayo

it’s cinco de mayo.

i’m celebrating with a coconut margarita, complete with a toasted coconut rim, toasted by yours truly.

that’s right.  i toasted coconut.

and didn’t burn it.

recipe here.